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I can’t believe we have a third film in ‘The Human Centipede‘ franchise. This is supposedly the final film, but I hope there will be others or director Tom Six will come back after a long hiatus and do a fourth film. If you are unaware of ‘The Human Centipede‘ films, allow me to give you a little background. The first film was more or less a straight horror film thru and thru. It had a psychopathic surgeon (Dieter Laser) who kidnapped a few twenty-somethings and sewed them ass to mouth as to form one long digestive track.

It was original, unflinching, and fun as hell. It became an instant cult classic, where genre fans like myself would do anything to see the film again and show our unsuspecting friends. A few years later, the sequel came along and was shot all in black and white, with the exception of a certain brown color. I’ll let you fill in the blank there. Keeping with the original ideas, this sequel had a sick and twisted individual (Laurence R. Harvey) who was shun by society who saw the first film, and decided to make his own Human Centipede. That brings us to the third film dubbed ‘Final Sequence‘.



This plays out a little different than the previous two films in that this might be Tom Six’s most politically charged film, but of course it’s all a satire. Part III takes place all inside a prison called ‘George H.W. Bush’ prison where perhaps the most vile and most horrible man to ever live calls himself the warden. This warden is played by Dieter Laser, the sick doctor from the first film. To compare him to Hitler would be an understatement with this third film. The warden who goes by Bill Boss is as sick and twisted as they come. He eats female clitoris’s for breakfast, his inmates testicles for lunch, and is not above sexually or physically abusing his staff or inmates to a psychotic degree on a consistent basis.

His character is so over-the-top, you can’t help but laugh all the way through the film. Bill Boss runs around literally screaming all of his lines and obscenities, shoots his gun at will inside the prison, and never rests for even five seconds. His goal in life is to hurt and torture others. When the Governor stops by (played by Eric Roberts), he tells Boss to get his act together with the problems at the prison or there will be hell to pay. So Boss tells his assistant and accountant Dwight Butler (Laurence R. Harvey) from the second film to castrate every inmate at the prison. Instead, Dwight informs him of ‘The Human Centipede‘ films, and suggests this form of punishment, which Boss eventually agrees to.


It’s not until the final act, that we see the centipede formed, which might not satisfy some, but rest assured, there are plenty of gross out moments prior to the 500-person centipede, including actually seeing up close the surgery, guts and holes and all. Some will say that director Tom Six has no idea what he’s doing or even call him a filmmaker, which is sad, because he’s a brilliant filmmaker. He has the balls to show the dark side of humanity and what we are truly capable of in the form of a black comedy and satire with an unflinching and gutsy style. It’s original, entertaining, sick, depraved, and smart in a filmic way.

You’ll have to agree that you’ve never seen anything quite like it, such as the people back in 1975 when they first saw ‘Salo‘, which is now part of the incredible ‘Criterion Collection‘. It’s only a matter of time. While Dieter Laser’s constant yelling can get a bit tedious, it is none the less funny. The final scene of the film should stick with you for days too, as it’s something that is rarely seen in American cinema, which leaves ‘The Human Centipede III: Final Sequence‘ definitely worth seeing if you can stomach it.

– Bryan Kluger

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