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WWE rocked Dallas, TX when it came crashing through the city for SMACKDOWN! The WWE Superstars continued on their way toward Extreme Rules (which can be seen on the WWE Network, free for the month of April) as the WWE Universe was treated to great tag team action, the eagerly awaited Smackdown debut of Neville, and a great 6 man tag team match that displayed what we get to look forward to in the future. Which superstars left BIG D a winner and who simply left? Find out NOW!!



Daniel Bryan Addresses Sheamus’ and Bad News Barrett’s Actions

 When the WWE’s resident farm animal and leader of the Yes movement decided to open the show, the WWE Universe was more than happy to listen to what he had to say. Daniel Bryan addressed the actions of Sheamus and Bad News Barrett against himself and Dolph Ziggler. Before he could really get in depth on the issue he was interrupted by BNB and the Celtic Warrior.

It appeared as if D-Bry was about to get himself a “European style arse kicking,” but the Show Off came down to even the odds. But things would go from bad to worse as the Big Show decided he needed to input his two sense because if Sheamus and Barrett were going to put a beating on the two pip squeaks in the ring, he wanted a piece of the action as well.

The odds were evened once again as the Samoan Superman flew down to the ring and took the fight directly to the giant. This allowed Bryan and Ziggler a chance to clear the ring of Sheamus and Bad News Barrett. The WWE Universe would find out shortly that the main event would now be a 6 man tag team match between Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler & Roman Reigns vs Bad News Barrett, Sheamus and the Big Show.



Cesaro & Tyson Kidd vs the New Day

Winner: Cesaro & Tyson Kidd

 The New Day were none to happy with the Dallas crowd as they came down demanding that the WWE Universe needed to love them for bringing positivety to their lives. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro on the other hand felt it necessary to let the New Day know with their actions, exactly what the crowd was chanting. The New day Sucks.

Big E and Kofi Kingston put on a good showing but they could not with stand the team work between Tyson and Cesaro. Quick tags and communication and the ability to capitalize on a distracted ref is what kept the tag team champions in control for the majority of the match. That isn’t to say that the New day were push overs, on the contrary, they dd bring the fight to Kidd and the Swiss Superman, with Kofi taking to the air on more than one occasion, showcasing his high flying abilities. But Cesaro’s superior strength was also on display as he easily lifted Big E into a huge suplex from the mat, and then got in his signature swing that was followed by a brutal drop kick from Tyson. The win however came when the ref had his back turned and Cesaro got in a massive European uppercut to Kofi, knocking him silly enough that Tyson was able to roll him up for the win.

This was a fun match. The New day getting all offended that people spoke the truth is cute, but doesn’t change the fact that they do indeed suck. Perhaps some time on the h side of town will help them become a better team and something that the WWE Universe can respond to. But then again, the fans are responding to them and that’s better than the dead crowds that had met the New day in the past. Cesaro and Tyson get better every time they team together. Their chemistry as a team is off the charts and they work damn well together. Glad that there is no longer that stupid stuff between Tyson and Nattie. Or at least it’s not as prevalent as it had been. Let the wrestling take center stage, not the domestics.



Neville vs Curtis Axel

Winner: Neville

 Curtis Axel came out and tried to explain to the crowd that he was going to drive over the road bump that had slowed him down as he continued on the path to Axe-treme Rules. He was going to defeat Neville. Apparently no one told the man that Gravity forgot because he came down to the ring ready for a fight. After a huge showing against Seth Rollins on Raw, Neville must have felt he had something to prove after taking that loss.

Curtis never held onto control of the match for any length of time even though he did get in a few good hits. The speed and agility, coupled with Neville’s comfort with the air were all too much for Axel to handle. One Red Arrow and the match was over quickly and Neville picked up a win for his blue brand debut!

Fun quick match. Curtis Axel was basically there to get his ass handed to him by Neville. And can I just say, that the body slam that Neville gave to Curtis to set up for the Red Arrow was amazing. Did no one tell Neville that he shouldn’t have been able to pick that big man up? No? Good because he did and BOOM another victory for the man that gravity forgot! I would have liked the match to be a bit longer, I’m sure the two could have come up with more to fill it. The potential with Neville is limitless (kinda funny huh? sky being the limit and all for a high flier.)



Natalya vs Alicia Fox

Special Guest Referee: Cameron

Winner: Natalya

 This was easily the weakest match of the night. Nattie and Alicia Fox battled in back and forth action with Cameron as the special guest referee. The two divas fought and countered one another. Alicia was able to hit her Northern Lights suplex to pick up a two count but Natalya kicked out. The queen of Harts picked up the win with a sharp shooter that forced her opponent to tap out. After the match Cameron made sure both women knew not to discount her as a contender for the Diva’s championship as she planted both women into the mat.

As stated, this was easily the weakest match of the night. Nattie and Alicia gave a decent performance but it lacked a fire and grit that I like to see in a women’s match. The aggression just wasn’t there and what was there wasn’t much. Sorry ladies, step it up. There are other females who do it better. Do not become complacent. If you want us to give divas a chance, give us a reason too.



Bray Wyatt vs Erick Rowan

Winner: Bray Wyatt

 Bray Wyatt came out to address his fireflies. The WWE Universe listened as the New Face of Fear berated them for breaking Erick Rowan after he had fixed him and set him free. And now he would destroy Rowan, and if he could do that to someone who he loved and had once called brother, just imagine what he could do to someone he cared nothing for.

Erick Rowan on the other hand did not take too kindly to being called a broken toy and came down to the ring seemingly on a mission to prove that he was just fine. The battle with his former leader was a physical slug fest. And Rowan seemed to have the upper hand early on and he forced Wyatt to the outside. When he went to go in for the kill on his prey, Bray exploded with a huge clothesline and took out the sheep mask wearing big man. The match was in Bray Wyatt’s control from then on out with Rowan only getting a few more hits offensively. In the end it was a Sister Abigail delivered to Big Red Rowan that clenched the victory for the Eater of Worlds.

It is a shame that Rowan has become little more than a jobber. When was the last time he actually won a match. He’s not quite to Jack Swagger levels of jobbing but he’s getting close. Would like to see him get a decent push. He’s extremely talented and is like Luke Harper in that he’s deceptively agile for his size. Bray Wyatt though is on the war path. Who is he targeting now? We had a few hints but nothing concrete that we could make any solid guesses at. But if I had my way, I’d like to see him target Dolph Ziggler. In his speech on Monday he kept saying things about how the success of his intended target is due to the fear of failure and how determined his new target is. Both these things could be attributed to the Show Off and he fits Bray’s criteria. Someone that the WWE Universe reveres and loves. It makes him the perfect target for the buzzards.



Special Edition of Miz TV

 The Miz is always happy to show off his accomplishments. And with the release of his new movie (the Marine 4: Moving Target) this was the perfect time for a special edition of Miz TV. The Miz began by showing the WWE Universe the trailer (for those of us who hadn’t seen it yet. Isn’t that nice of him?) Summer Rae however figured that since she was in the movie too, that she should get a bit of the credit and interrupted the Hollywood A Lister. They went back and forth on whether or not she was a co-star or not but then the conversation ended up on Damien Mizdow.

The Miz then decided to educate the WWE Universe on Damien Sandow’s back story, how he was fired twice and was on his way out the door a third time, till he, the Miz, saved him and his career. That his philanthropic nature is what gave Mizdow relevance and that he did not blame Damien for the events of the past two weeks, but that he blamed the WWE Universe for convincing his former stunt double that he was something that he was not, a leading man.

Damien Mizdow then felt that since his name had been spoken so many times, that he should join the party. The Miz offered him a clean slate and that things could go back to how they were if he would just shake his hand and apologize. Damien did indeed shake his former boss’ hand and apologize, but he apologized for not having taken out the Miz sooner. He then, took out the Miz with huge punches and hard kicks as he took the ring and Miz TV for himself. He threw a chair at the A Lister and had him scrambling for higher ground. Before Mizdow left the ring himself, he took Summer up and gave her a kiss that a leading man would give the leading lady (I had to fan myself man)

I enjoyed this segment. I am a huge Damien Sandow fan and it just tickles me pink to see him excelling in the spotlight like he is. He has worked so hard before and gotten little in the way of results. He is still being himself, but he has added the best parts of the Miz to create something that the fans gravitate towards. Summer I could do with out, mainly because I can’t stand her and would rather listen to nails on a chalk board vs listening to her speak. The Miz as always never disappoints whenever he is holding a microphone. He is a wonderfully arrogant person of my own heart. Yet he regroups at a rapid speed with the best of them. He is able to back it up when he needs to and I can not wait to see him and Mizdow have a serious match. I expect it to be at Extreme Rules with some sorta stipulation that the winner gets to be the A Lister or something similar.



Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, & Roman Reigns vs Bad News Barrett, Sheamus, & The Big Show

Winner: Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, & Roman Reigns

 The Underdogs (plus Roman Reigns cuz unless he’s in the ring with Brock Lesnar, could never be described as an underdog) had their chance at retribution against the bigger men who gave them so much grief. Daniel Bryan started the match and did his best and took the fight to each of the three men in the opposite corner, but he took a large amount of abuse from them as well. Be it a bear hug submission from the big show, being caught like a child before being slammed by Sheamus or just getting pummeled and mocked by Bad News Barrett, it was not a pretty moment for the goat.

Dolph Ziggler, once tagged in, fared little better but the little engine that could spirit of the Show Off won through and he weathered the physical storm as well and was finally able to create enough separation to tag in the power house of the team, Roman Reigns. The Big Dog then proceeded to clean house with Superman punches to Sheamus and Barrett. The Big show was taken out by a running knee from Bryan, and Sheamus was sent over the top rope after a super kick from Dolph, leaving Wade in the ring with Roman. That is not where Barrett wanted to be as he was then cut in half by a massive spear from Roman Reigns and was pinned.

This was just a fun match. The heels controlled most of it and Bryan and Dolph took a considerably amount of punishment from the other team. They did get some good offense in but were always shut down before it could really go anywhere, further reinforcing their inability to really go toe to toe with the larger men. In fact it took another large guy to win the match for them. but hey, the underdogs got one!




Angelic Heel

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