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The King of the Ring. A title held by Hall of Famers and future hall of famers alike. It has been for many, like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bret “The Hitman” Hart, and Triple H, a stepping stone that launched their careers. The WWE gifted the WWE Universe with the tournament once more and let them witness on the WWE Network the WWE Superstar who would fight for the honor to be called King of the Ring 2015! Who would this man be? Find Out Now!!


King of the Ring Semi Finals


Neville vs Sheamus

Winner: Neville

In a battle that was pure power vs speed and agility, the Celtic Warrior took on the Man that Gravity Forgot. Sheamus figured that Neville would be an easy target to take down but the longest reigning NXT champion had other ideas as he used his unique high paced offense to shock and awe his opponent. Sheamus was able to shut down the high flyer’s momentum with his patented powerful moves and ground him by focusing his attacks on the back of Neville. It appeared that it would be Sheamus who would advance in the tournament but then the unthinkable happened.

Dolph Ziggler, took a page out of Sheamus’ play book and interrupted the match. He came out and showed Sheamus exactly how he had been beat at Extreme Rules. This was enough of a distraction that Sheamus missed the Brouge kick and got caught up in the ropes. this allowed Neville to hit him with a huge kick to the head knocking the big man to the ground setting him up for the Red Arrow. Neville hit the beautiful move to pick up the move and advance in the tournament.

But Sheamus’ night was not complete! Ziggler rushed the ring saying he was going to collect on the stipulation that he had won at Extreme Rules and the Show Off and the Celtic Warrior fell into a brutal fight that left Sheamus busted open. The two had to be separated by officials. Both men more than eager to rip into the other.

Such a fun match in itself. I could and have gushed about Neville every time I see him. He is by far one of the most talented men on the main roster and big things are in store for him. This rivalry between Dolph and Sheamus just got kicked up a notch. There is an intensity in Dolph that I love seeing and more and more the Celtic Warrior is having difficulty answering it. he is going to have to start taking the Show Off seriously as a competitor if he plans on really getting one over on the Zig Man.



Bad News Barrett vs R-Truth

Winner: Bad News Barrett

 Bad News Barrett and R-Truth pulled out all the stops as they competed against one another to see who would advance in the King of the Ring Tournament. It appeared that Barrett wasn’t taking the man with spider phobia seriously as Truth controlled the beginning of the match. But once Wade realized he had to step up his game, it was on and the match evened out as the two went blow for blow and move for move.

Eventually, BNB reverted to the ways of my people and gave Truth a thumb to the eye. As R-Truth reeled from the sudden attack on his vision, Barrett flew into the ring and delivered a devastating Bull Hammer Elbow that dropped truth like a sack of potatoes. 1, 2, 3 and BNB advanced to the finals of the tournament.

As a match it was pretty even. Neither held onto control for long after Barrett started to concentrate on the opponent in the ring and not who was in the finals. There were a few near falls that kept you interested. I would love to see R-Truth in more matches, he is entertaining out of the ring and in it. And hey, he hates spiders almost as much as I do so he’s totally okay in my book. Barrett advancing was just nifty, and now it’s Brit vs Brit in the finals.

King of the Ring Finals


Bad News Barrett vs Neville

Winner: Bad News Barrett

 In a rematch from Extreme Rules, BNB took on the man that gravity forgot in the finals of the KotR tournament. Much like the match on Sunday, Neville used his speed and agility to keep the pace fast and intense. But Barrett, having faced the small high flier before, knew what to expect and countered with high impact moves that were concentrated on his opponents back. This strategy capitalized on the previous damage dealt by Sheamus earlier in the night.

The two Brits battled furiously and Neville, true to form, flew all over the ring and took punishment like a champ. Barrett landed both his Winds of Change and Wasteland but neither move could put Neville down for more than a two count. It almost appeared as if Neville would take the tournament as yet another well placed kick landed Barrett where he did not want to be, set up for the Red Arrow. But at the last second, Barrett rolled out of the way and Neville rolled through. The end came for the young sensation when he attempted another high risk move and caught a Bull Hammer to the head in mid air. Barrett pinned him to join the very prestigious ranks of those who came before him as King of the Ring!

Like their match at Extreme Rules, this match was highly entertaining. It was a bitter fight that showcased both men as champions. But of course there can be only one, and that one is Bad News Barrett! I’ve gushed enough about Neville for one article so I shall give this to Wade “Bad News Barrett. The man is one of the most entertaining guys on WWE programming. His confidence is through the roof (as it should be, because being humble is dishonest if you really are great.) Now where does he go from here? Who cares, he’s King!


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