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J.K. Simmons hasn’t been letting his successful trip to the Academy Awards slow his roll any, he’s one of the busiest guys in the biz with nine projects in various stages of completion. He’s everywhere and it’s glorious. He’s one of the most dynamite actors I’ve seen and he takes on-screen intensity to a whole new level, I mean who wasn’t cringing just a little bit in ‘Whiplash‘ when Simmons‘ Fletcher threw a chair at Andrew’s (Miles Teller) head as he attempted to discern between rushing or dragging the beat? He’s incredible and I adore seeing him on screen, which is a good thing as he’s adding, yet another project to his to-do list.


Starz has tapped Simmons to play the lead in their upcoming drama series ‘Counterpart‘. The series has been described as “an espionage thriller with a metaphysical twist”.  Simmons plays Howard Silk, a low ranking peon in a bureaucratic U.N. agency and regret fuels his days. He learns his employer is guarding a secret, access to a parallel dimension, in particular. Howard discovers he has a counterpart on the other side and with that knowledge the series carries themes of identity, idealism and lost love.

The series is created and written by Justin Marks (‘The Jungle Book‘) with Morten Tyldum (‘The Imitation Game‘) attached to direct at least the first two episodes. And remember, call your mom.

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