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In the crush of Young Adult novels being made into movies, Paramount has picked up their next title that will hopefully become a next ‘The Fault In Our Stars‘ type of success in ‘My Heart And Other Black Holes‘ by first time author Jasmine Warga.


Paramount holds the rights and Anonymous Content will produce, the book was just published February 15 and is already in publication in 17 countries. The story, sadly, will hit home with a vast number of teens who feel desperately alone and in a hopeless place where suicide becomes an attractive option. We follow Aysel Seran, a 16-year old physics nerd, who is in the unfortunate position of having a father who committed a violent crime, a mother with no form of sympathy and a school full of peers who whisper behind her back. She’s looking for the ultimate way out and her fear is that she won’t have the balls to go through with it. In her search for options, she discovers an online site that will match her with a suicide partner to help ensure each one goes through with their suicide and doesn’t back out.

Aysel is matched with Roman Franklin begin sharing their stories and filling the holes they have in their lives, as their 26-day countdown to their death ticks closer, always looming in the background, Aysa begins to question her resolve to die and considers talking Roman down from his ledge towards life. The question remains though, will they live or die?

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