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When I think about ‘Friday The 13th‘, I envision a hockey masked psycho hacking dumb teenagers apart, if only they’d stop having sex in the woods! I have these images because there have been about a million movies made on the popular franchise, but how would a TV series based off the films go down? We’ve got some ideas.


Franchise creator, Sean Cunningham, attended the Monster Mania convention in New Jersey recently and during the Q&A portion of his panel, he let slip some possible plot ideas they could use.

It seems there is interest from The CW in possibly carrying a ‘Friday the 13th‘ series. The premise would mainly focus on the real city of Crystal Lake, not the fictionalized town from the movies, and the effect the films had on their city. This leaves room for a Jason that is grounded in reality, as they would be based off the real life killings that occurred at the camp. This would touch a little more on the backwoods killer but still leave room for the hockey masked creature as both would make appearances throughout the series. This new direction would be an intriguing twist to a tired story and I, for one, would make sure I checked it out.

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