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Themes travel through the entertainment-world just like anywhere else, what’s “In” right now are superhero stories, unique reality offerings, and dark, creepy stories. It’s the latter category this last bit of news falls into tonight. Fox has been looking for the perfect cast to fill in their series following the Mary Shelley mythology of ‘Frankenstein‘.


Last month, Adhir Kalyan was brought on board as one of the creators, the quiet and brilliant Internet billionaire, Otto Goodwin. The big question on everyone’s mind though, is who is going to be playing leads? The monster in this Frankenstein story will be played by ‘True Blood‘ alum Rob Kazinsky and he will be Ray Pritchard, a morally corrupt, retired cop who is given a second chance at life when he is brought back from the dead. The re-animated monster is athletic, strong and handsome, a former Marine who was recently murdered. While the monster has a new body, his mind is still that of the 75-year-old grouch. This interesting play on the story feels a little ‘Robocop‘-y to me, but hopefully there will be plenty of gothic undertones to keep my attention.



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