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As the WWE Superstars continued on the fast track to Fastlane February 22 (which can be seen on the WWE Network FREE for the month of February,) they made a pit stop in Colorado Springs, CO for WWE‘s SMACKDOWN! Tensions continued to rise and tempers flared in another hard hitting night that was best for business. The WWE Universe witnessed face to face showdowns, accepted challenges, and improbable victories. Who gained speed on the Road to Wrestlemania, and who lost ground? Find Out Now!




Miz TV is Canceled

In another show of his philanthropic side, The Miz graciously hosted another episode of MIZ TV for the WWE Universe. His guests would be the two men who would fight it out for an opportunity to face the Beast Incarnate in the main event for Wrestlmania, Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan. The Hollywood A Lister welcomed the leader of the Yes Movement first, and the Samoan Superman next. Before the Miz had a chance to begin his journalistic inquiries, he ate a Superman Punch from Reigns. The force of the blow knocked him from the ring and left the two Fastlane opponents to handle their first face to face encounter since Raw on their own.

The Powerhouse addressed the garden gnome. He stated that he went through 29 other superstars (well kinda… he entered 19th) to earn his match against Brock Lesnar, and that he had no trouble going through one more. Reigns then declared that he would be victorious at Fastlane and that he would go on to Wrestlemania to face the World Heavyweight Champion. But why wait when they could fight right then and there?  The Beard also seemed eager to go head on with Reigns but before things could degenerate into utter chaos, Seth Rollins, the Savior of the WWE, came out to restore order.

Mr. Money in the Bank made it clear that on Monday, he had Daniel Bryan beat and would have won the match had it not been for his former business partner sticking his nose where it had no business being. And that Roman’s interference was proof of his cowardice (and who can blame Roman for wanting to face a Goat versus facing the Seth?) Rollins, acting as a representative of the Authority, then informed Daniel that he would be in a match that night against J & J Security, and the undisputed, living breathing embodiment of the future or the WWE, Seth Rollins!



Dolph Ziggler & Ryback vs Goldust & Stardust

Winner: Dolph Ziggler & Ryback via pinfall

 Ryback and Dolph Ziggler teamed up in a fun match against the Cosmic Twins. The Big Guy started off against Stardust and displayed his power early on as he took control of match. Quick tags and team work kept the two newly rehired superstars on top as they dominated Stardust. But the stars aligned and Goldust was tagged in and he wrested offensive momentum away from his opponents as he and Stardust isolated Ryback in their half of the ring. Ryback rallied and was able to tag in Ziggler and the match picked up quickly. Nothing could stop Dolph as he flew around the ring and countered the moves attempted on him. Stardust then, in a desperate attempt to create the necessary separation to make a tag to his brother, hit a disaster kick onto his opponent. As Goldust shouted encouragement to his brother, he made the mistake of calling him Cody. Stardust’s reaction was to tag in Goldust and walk out on the match. A confused Bizarre one, distracted by his abandonment, was caught by Ryback, who Dolph had tagged iin during family drama time in the Rhodes family, Shell shocked and pinned.

This match was just fun to watch. Nothing in the match dragged and it was able to tell two different stories in one match. The family dynamic that has changed in Goldust and Stardust’s team is getting clearer and clearer. Cody has lost himself in Stardust. A persona he threw himself into after he felt he was failing Goldust as a tag team partner. Just gotta say, their time on the unemployment line must have been some serious bonding time for the team of Ryback and Dolph Ziggler. They work seamlessly together, and had some pretty nifty two man moves that they used against their opponents. They also have two styles that work well when teamed up together. Dolph’s speed and agility is a nice counter balance to the raw power of Ryback’s skill set. There is a solid chemistry between the two. I would like to seem them tag together more often. perhaps inject some new competition into the tag team division itself? Since we seem to be losing the Cosmic Twins to domestic issues, seems like a wide open field in the tag division.



Curtis Axel vs Dean Ambrose

Winner: Dean Ambrose via pinfall

Once again trying to gain the sympathies of the WWE Universe, Curtis Axel pleaded his case and restated that he was never eliminated from the Royal Rumble, and therefore should be the one to face Brock Lesnar for the Championship (guess no one told him he had to make it to the ring in order to really enter the match.) Dean Ambrose, Axel’s opponent for the night, could care less and was looked to build some momentum in order to chase down Bad News Barrett’s Intercontinental Title. The match between Dean and Curtis was quick with Dean owning it. Sure Curtis got in a few good moves, but a Dirty Deeds from the Lunatic Fringe and it was lights out. As Dean celebrated his victory, Wade Barrett appeared on the screen to address his would be challenger. He declined to give him a title match, reason being that Ambrose was too much of a Lunatic to deserve a shot at the prestigious title. In other news, Mr. Whiskers is never coming home.

I’d say poor Curtis Axel gets no respect, but I’m pretty sure I’d have to respect him first. It is hard to take him seriously when we haven’t seen him about or do anything of not besides not enter the Royal Rumble. He didn’t exactly roll over for Dean but he was still relatively easy for Ambrose to put away. So why would he even think he would be a match for Lesnar? Dean however can use this win to build speed and momentum on to BNB’s title. Sure the champion declined to give him a title opportunity, but it will soon become difficult to ignore Dean. Once he has something in his mind that he wants to get his hands one, he will let nothing stop him from obtaining it. Just ask Seth Rollins, Dean’s games of hide and seek are the reason that J & J Security have a job.



Fandango vs Adam Rose

Winner: Fandango via pinfall

 Adam Rose can’t seem to catch a break. First his Bunny stole his spot light and had to bee put down, and now he can’t trust the rest of his Rosebuds. The ungrateful coat tail riders couldn’t even do a simple trust fall as they dumped Adam to the ground as he fell back into their waiting (and useless) arms. Rose then had to pick himself back up and have a match against the Tangoing Titan, Fandango. The match was pretty straight forward and nothing too spectacular about it. Both men had their moments to shine but it was Fandango who came out on top after his signature leg drop, The Last Dance.

Not much to say about this match. It was decent and held my interest, I’m just not too invested in either character to care who won. Adam Rose looks on the verge of being a solo party goer as, well, you just can’t trust anyone these days. Perhaps the Bunny was the glue that kept that little family together? Fandango, I will say, did look more impressive than usual. Like he had a bit more pep in his step. I wonder if he can keep it up for future bouts and pull himself out of the slump that he is in.



The Miz vs Roman Reigns

Winner: Roman Reigns via pinfall

The Hollywood A Lister was irrate with all the disrespect he had received during Miz TV and the straw that broke the camel’s back was this last Superman Punch. In his justified outrage, he challenged Roman Reigns to a match, so the Powerhouse could see what it was like to go one on one with a Wrestlemania main eventer. Gotta hand it to the Miz. He knew exactly what he was doing when he attacked Roman early throwing the Big Dog off his game early. It was a constant defensive battle for the Samoan Superman as he weathered the harsh punishments from the Miz. But the Reigns persevered and began to mount his comeback by blocking Miz’s DDT attempts. He then further countered the DDT attempt a third time by lifting his opponent up, throwing him on his shoulders, and dropping him in a Samoan drop. ANOTHER Superman Punch and a spear later, and Roman had the win under his belt as he built speed and momentum in to Fastlane.

The match wasn’t bad at all. One would think that Roman Reigns would have no problem with the Miz but the A Lister but up on helluva fight and had the Powerhouse on the ropes. But here in lies the problem. Roman shouldn’t have had as much trouble putting the Miz away as he did. Even with the Miz attacking him and throwing him into the steps before the match began, Reigns should have been able to put The Awesome One away easily. But… That is not what happened. Roman got his ass beat and then John Cena’ed his way into a victory. (Sorry Roman, but I know you can do better.) I’m a huge Roman Reigns supporter, he’s great in the ring when he’s doing more than clothes lines or stomping his opponents in the corner. He can do the suplexes, the DDTs, the holds, hell last week it was a head scissors take down. More of that please. It’s hard to argue Roman haters when their points become valid. STAY AWAY FROM THE 5 MOVES OF DOOM!!



Erick Rowan vs Rusev

Winner: Rusev via submission

 In a rematch from Raw, Erick Rowan took on the United States Champion, Rusev. The match began with both big men slugging it out with Rowan gaining the upper hand. The sheep mask wearing wrestler would hold on to his offensive control with a big boot and using his size to his advantage to force Rusev to roll out of the ring to regroup. But Erick held on to control with Rusev only getting momentary bursts of attack. The Bulgarian Brute’s patience paid off as Rowan provided an opening that the champion took full advantage of that allowed him to take control of the match and end it quickly with an Accolade that would force Big Red Rowan to tap out.

These two big men are deceptively agile. Their match was not boring nor did it plod along like a typical big man match. Erick Rowan was very impressive in the ring with Rusev. I would like to see Rowan do more than tap or get pinned. he seems to have become the jobber of the remnants of Team Cena. But then again, I suppose every team has a weak link. I shouldn’t be surprised though i suppose that it’s him. He does have a thing for that stupid sheep mask. Rusev looked great too. He weathered the Big Red storm and came out on top. We all know what he can do just because, I like what we get to see with the will and determination that he now seems to be exuding. He wants to destroy John Cena at Fastlane. And I want to see him do it.



Paige vs Alicia Fox

Winner: Paige via submission

 Paige and Alicia Fox squared off once more after they battled on Monday night. Paige was looking ot get retribution on Foxy for her part in the Bella Twins hazing. Alicia was more than happy to take on her former friend and battled aggressively in an attempt to take out the former Diva’s Champion quickly But Paige, no newblet in the ring, fought back and ended the match by locking in the PTO, forcing Alicia Foxy to tap out.

Paige looks rearing and ready to kick some Bella ass. Alicia Fox may have been the one in the ring, but Nikki’s was the face the Anti Diva was seeing. This match was decently paced and enjoyable. Yes, I know I constantly bring up the NXT Women’s division in comparison, but if you saw them, you’d know why I expect sooo much better from the main roster. Paige (from NXT) does the best she can with what she’s been given. Alicia Fox, is talented and does her best, but I have a feeling there is more we are not seeing from her.



Seth Rollins and J & J Security vs Daniel Bryan

3 on 1 Handicap Match

Winner: Daniel Bryan

 3 on 1 fun times! Well, fun for some, not so fun for the Goat. While Daniel Bryan did control the opening minutes of the match against Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble with neither man able to gain the upper hand against the farm animal. However business picked up once Seth Rollins was tagged in to the match. The leader of the Yes Movement’s day went from bad to worse. The Savior of the WWE came in and put DB down with a neck breaker and then, at the insistence of Jamie and not being one to hog the spot light (unlike some other superstars) Seth tagged in his partner to allow the eager member of his security team opportunity to shine and get some shots in on Bryan.

But Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury are not Seth Rollins. As eager as they are, Daniel Bryan was able to over come both of them every time they got into the ring with him. And each time they would have to tag Rollins in to put the garden gnome back in his place. On a number of occasions, Seth had to make the save to prevent even more damage done to his team. Once back in the ring, the living embodiment of the future decided to educate Bryan on what it felt like to be in the ring with World Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar as he delivered suplexes to Bryan while informing the B+ player that he simply would not be able to handle being in the ring against the Beast Incarnate.

Confident in the punishment that he gave to Daniel, again Seth put his faith in his team as he tagged in to Mercury to continue the onslaught. Highlight in this moment is a beautiful drop kick from Joey. Rollins tags back in with the look of a proud team captain and continues both the physical and verbal abuse to the Beard. But Daniel Bryan proved his resilience as he rallied against the Future Champion. At one point Bryan countered the Triple Powerbomb into a Hurricanrana (woah… I’m pissed but impressed… no triple powerbomb but that was cool) The tides changed for D-Bry as his momentum built. He was able to knock Seth and Jamie to the floor keeping it a one on one match with Joey, only to lock his legal opponent in the Yes Lock earning the tap that would win him the match.

As Daniel Bryan celebrated his victory, he was ambushed by Kane at the top of the ramp. The Corporate Demon rolled Bryan down the ramp and back into the ring where Seth and J & J Security waited. Two Choke Slams and a picturesque curb stomp later, Daniel Bryan lay on the mat where he belonged. Seth Rollins standing above him proving that he is the here and now of the WWE.

Such a fun match. J & J Security still got it. And again, shout out to Joey Mercury for that gorgeous drop kick. I wanna see more of the security team in in ring action. It might be a little bit of my crazy poking out but I think it would just be funny to see them as tag team champions. It’ll never happen but I get a giggle when I think about it. Seth Rollins, just wow. He never ceases to amaze me when I see him in the ring. He truly is the total package and it is just a flash of the eye before we see World Heavyweight Championship gold on his waist. He’s already Champion, winning the title is just a formality. Daniel Bryan preformed well against the odds. But he stole the match, He knew he couldn’t beat Seth so he waited till one of the security team was legal. He then used cheap shot after cheap shot to keep Rollins out of the match. Just shows that Daniel Bryan is just as afraid of Seth Rollins as Roman Reigns is. But again, It is Seth they are facing, everyone should think twice before stepping into the ring with someone of his caliber.  (Just Sayin >.>)



Angelic Heel

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