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We’ve been telling you for a while that there is another ‘Magic Mike‘ film coming out, and it’s titled ‘XXL‘. Well, the first trailer is here and it’s damn funny. Channing Tatum just kills me here. I only wished that Jonah Hill would have made a cameo.

The first film was directed by Steven Soderbergh. He’s the guy who gave us all three ‘Ocean’s 11‘ movies, plus a ton of other indie films and main stream hits. But for this sequel, Gregory Jacobs is in the director’s chair. He hasn’t done much, but has serves as 2nd unit director for most of Soderbergh’s films, while Soderbergh himself was a producer on this XXL sequel.

Looks like they’re hitting the nail on the head with this sequel as Channing Tatum is seen doing some sort of heavy machinery work and Joe Manganiello is thrusting a Pepsi or beer to make it explode everywhere. And the last scene of the trailer made me laugh out loud. This looks like a lot of fun. let us know what you think and enjoy.

Oh yeah, glad to see WWE’s Kevin Nash make it to the sequel. Dude’s 55 years old.


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