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There are excellent music movies and soundtracks then there is the measure against which all others are measured. ‘High Fidelity‘ is the quintessential or paragon collection that shames all other soundtracks into submission below it.

As all of the best music should be, it is receiving a reissue onto the holiest of formats, vinyl by Hollywood Records. The projected release date is April 28 as long as all stays on track. Surprisingly the collection was only pressed for release in Europe and the UK upon original release, US record stores were bereft of the sound stripe until this Spring.

Rob (John Cusack) is a man full of passions and quirks, among them are amazing music, introducing others to great music, making lists and recounting the ways the women in his life have become disenfranchised with him. This is one of Cusack’s more brilliant roles with a notable performance from Jack Black as Barry, a musical elitist with a strong slant against spending his days listening to old sad bastard tunes, especially when he’s created an epic playlist for the day. He would tell you this record is like oxygen, you need it.

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