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Chris Pratt is having one hell of a year. The talented funny actor, mostly known for his role on ‘Parks and Rec‘, hit superstar status a the lead in James Gunn’s Marvel film ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘. Here he proved he was meant for the big time. Since then, he is starring in the 4th ‘Jurassic Park‘ film and a revamp of ‘The Magnificent Seven‘ with Denzel Washington.

Now we know that Disney owns Marvel as well as Lucas Films now. And since Disney has been in high gear, making the new ‘Star Wars‘ films, they have been hinting at rebooting the ‘Indiana Jones‘ franchise. While we all know that Harrison Ford will forever be ‘Indiana Jones‘, he is pushing 73 years old, and i’m not sure he is quite up for the action-adventure like he once was.


We are hearing and Deadline is reporting that Disney is now hoping to snatch up Chris Pratt to play ‘Indiana Jones‘ for a supposed revamp of the series. There is no confirmation as of yet here, as Disney is keeping their lines shut when it comes to this project, but let’s all agree, that this is a genius casting move. Pratt would own this role and bring some much need charm and wit to the role, which was sorely lacking in the last film ‘The Crystal Skull‘.

This is not set in stone yet, and I’m sure Harrison Ford will show up at some point in a revamp or sequel, but for now, we know that Chris Pratt is number one on Disney’s list for this iconic character. And if you think about, there isn’t anyone else out there who could do this role justice like Pratt can.

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4 thoughts on “Will Chris Pratt Play ‘Indiana Jones’?”
  1. I’m ok with this, only if he isn’t Indiana Jones. Maybe a student of Jones’. I could get behind that, then we could still have Ford in the classroom and consulting on things like dealing with Nazi’s and people who rip beating hearts out. And Chris’ character could explain the finer points of technology such as texting and skype.

  2. If not Pratt, Chris Evans could do it. He’s got the look and build, he’s funny when he wants to be, and Scott Pilgrim v The World proves he can play cocky when he wants to.

  3. Of course it’s a straight white guy. Can’t have any diversity browning up our storylines!

  4. I can’t see Jada Pinkett Smith or Neil Patrick Harris in this role BECAUSE it’s been established by Harrison Ford’s portrayal that Indy is a straight white character. No issue here.

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