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Syfy is announcing some new projects today, we told you about their plans to make ‘Sharknado 3‘ into a flying reality and have followed up that news with a new six-hour miniseries based on a Hugo Award winning book!

The scripter that brought us the novel adaptations for ‘Fight Club‘ and ‘Jumper‘, Jim Uhls, will be working his magic on Robert Charles Wilson’sSpin‘, the novel was so well received that it received the highest honor a sci-fi book can achieve. This can be more than just a miniseries for the renovated network if they can work it right. ‘Spin‘ is just the first of a 3-novel series, the first centers on a scientist trying to save humanity from the doom an impending apocalypse would create as an impenetrable cloud envelops the Earth bringing about a total blackout of the stars.



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