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I know I’m in the minority with my opinion on Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s hosting gig on the Golden Globes. It’s over, been done, trite, stale, hackneyed, vapid, unoriginal, hack and incredibly cliched. I wasn’t a faithful ‘Saturday Night Live‘ viewer when they were starring and every year they host an awards show, I remember why. I’m not saying there isn’t value to the pair’s comedic talents, they shine in movies and I think that’s where they should be.

Others shared my thought as they have banded together for another feature. This time they enter the world of sibling rivalry with ‘Sisters‘. Their sister dynamic will be a strained one to begin with as the sibs come together with an estranged relationship to clean out their old bedrooms from their childhood home and cap the experience off with one last rager of a party. Check out the trailer for the flick that won’t be in theaters until December 18.

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