‘Minority Report’ Greenlit for TV Series!

by Gumbercules9000 on Jan 9th, 2015

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We’ve reported before that ‘Minority Report‘ was being shopped around as a TV series. You know, the 2002 Steven Spielberg futuristic film with Tom Cruise and Colin Farrell. Well now Fox has just given the greenlight to this big budget project. Max Borenstein (‘Godzilla‘) will be penning the pilot at least and Kevin Falls (‘The West Wing‘) will serve as show-runner.

I actually really enjoyed ‘Minority Report‘ the film, and there is enough of a story there for a big tv series. Solving crimes, murders, and people on the run. Plus, I’m sure Spielberg will be attached in some capacity, which will add to the quality of the series. But if this is a loss for FOX, I wouldn’t expect any more big futuristic tv shows soon from them. But don’t expect Cruise or Farrell to show up anywhere here. But let’s start a dream casting session here. Who would be good for these roles?

Your thoughts?

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One Response to “‘Minority Report’ Greenlit for TV Series!”

  1. MizMeriHac Says:

    And you bring all this up without even mentioning Phillip K. Dick?That sound you hear? Him, in his grave; spinning.

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