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TV is never going to be the same again. HBO is taking to the big screen, not that big screen, IMAX big screens. No, it’s not another ‘Sex and the City‘ movie, in fact it’s not a feature film at all. You read that right, it’s the network’s most talked about series ‘Game of Thrones‘.


HBO has partnered with IMAX  for a one week run that features two episodes from season four followed by a trailer for season 5. This is unusual for sure, but who better than HBO to till fresh ground by marketing the grand, sweeping epic based on the novels by George R.R. Martin. The visual brilliance that is brought to each episode seems practically made for the conversion. Neither company has given any details as to which two episodes will be available, but we are assured they are key to season 4.

The plan is to run the episodes for a one-week stint from January 23-29. This proves just one more place where the line between theater-run-films and TV is being blurred.  GOT is the most searched series on Google, most talked about on Facebook and is at the top of the list for number of Emmy Nominations with 19. This powerhouse of a show is proving time and again why it’s on top.






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