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In pure Scream Factory fashion, they are bringing us yet another pop culture film from the 80’s in glorious Blu-ray format. ‘Exterminators of the Year 3000‘ is hitting shelves on March 3.


Exterminators takes place in an incredibly dry post-apocalyptic future, where water is the most prized resource to be found. A group of survivors has holed up in a cave and run out of that liquid gold, so they send someone out to bring back more, when he doesn’t return, another is chosen for the venture. The trouble with getting to the water is you have to pass through a ruthless motorcycle gang of crazies to reach it’s source, and as it is in most post-apocalyptic situations, he who controls the water, controls the game. Of course there is a brilliant cacophony coming off the imminent battle where the winner is determined. Take everything you remember about Mel Gibson’s Mad Max’ films and cross it with everything bad about 80’s Synth-Pop bands, throw in a baker’s dozen of explosions and you’ll come close to what Exterminators embodies.

The Italian-made film from 1983 is being re-formatted to meet Blu-ray standards. Extras on the disc include audio commentary and an interview with actor Robert Iannucci and TV spots.

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