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Just twenty four hours after the WWE Universe celebrated Christmas, the festive atmosphere continued to abound and more gifts were bestowed on the fans as for one more night, Hulk Hogan, played host and match maker.  Sioux City, Iowa played host to all the explosive excitement of the evening. What surprises and upsets were in store for the fans? Let’s devour this holiday treat that was the last 2014 WWE Smackdown!


The WWE Universe erupted as the Immortal Hulk Hogan began the night and informed all present that he was in charge. But he wasn’t alone long as the future of the WWE honored us, and Hogan, with his company. Seth Rollins was gracious enough to thank Hogan for all his contributions and accomplishments, even going so far as to call Hogan bestow upon him the title of the “Seth Rollins of the 80’s.” That being said however, Hogan no longer belonged in the ring as it now belonged to Mr. Money in the Bank and the Hulkster needed to do one thing before he exited, and that was endorse Seth as the Future of the WWE.

Hogan, however, had another superstar in mind to endorse. Dolph Ziggler. The Show Off joined the party and stated the obvious, that Seth Rollins was indeed the future of the WWE, but the admission was used as a spring board to insult as Dolph then insisted that Rollins, leave the ring and the WWE and stay gone for 10 years. Big Show interrupted to give back up to the outnumbered Standard Bearer, saying that he would knock out both Hogan and Ziggler. Before the wrongs could be righted, the unasked for and unwelcome Roman Reigns also decided to interject himself in a situation that had nothing to do with him. Again. Hulk Hogan, after allegedly listening to the WWE Universe, booked the main event of Dolph Ziggler and Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins and the Big Show.


Kave vs Ryback

Winner: Ryback via pinfall

Finally fighting someone that is a challenge, Kane stepped into the ring with Ryback. He dominated early, over powering the Big guy with hard hitting moves that kept him reeling. But just as Ryback was taking over, the United States Champion, Rusev arrived on the scene. But it was for naught as Ryback was able to dispose of the Bulgarian and still pick up the win after he delivered a Shell Shocked to Kane.

After the match’s conclusion, the pride of the Russian Federation and the Corporate Monster, teamed up and decimated Ryback. Rusev applied the Accolade and then celebrated over the prone body of Ryback.  This match was physical and enjoyable. It was quick and to the point and everyone involved had a moment to shine and look strong. It advanced it’s story with few words and left me wanting to know what else would happen.


Naomi vs Alicia Fox

Winner: Naomi via pinfall

With the Miz looking on back stage, Naomi went one on one with Alicia Fox. Both women gave a great performance showcasing a back and forth dance of athleticism and agility.  Alicia was aggressive in throughout and Naomi had an answer for everything thrown at her. In the end, it was Naomi who picked up the win with a Split Leg Moonsault. This match was a treat. I haven’t seen diva’s wrestling this enjoyable in a long while. Naomi looked like she was really enjoying herself. It was a breath of fresh air from what has been shown on the main roster as of late. For the first time I wasn’t wishing I was watching the NXT women wrestle.

I do wish that Alicia and Naomi had been given more time. Again, weird coming from me considering this was a main roster chick match. But when two wrestlers have great chemistry like Naomi and Alicia, and they are putting together a decent match, yes I want to see what else they can do. Naomi picking up the win gives her more momentum if she decides to again challenge Nikki Bella for the Diva’s title. I don’t think the loss would actually hurt Alicia as she looked like great in this match too by holding her own and giving as good as she got.


R-Truth vs Adam Rose

Winner: Adam Rose via pinfall

Adam Rose was looking to get retribution on R-Truth for pinning him last Monday on Raw. The Bunny was nowhere to be found in the Rosebuds as Rose came to the ring. Not surprising after the beat down Bunnykins received from the Party God. R-Truth was not to be deterred as he stepped into the ring What’s Upping the whole way there. Adam blasted Truth as soon as the bell rang and kept him worn down. But Truth was able to rally briefly taking control. However, Adam Rose countered a suplex attempt and was able to stop the offensive momentum of R-Truth. The aggressive side of Rose continued as he viciously delivered the Party Foul for the pinfall.

Looks like being absent the Bunny is a good thing for Adam Rose. His new (yeah… new >.>) aggression is much welcome and exactly what he needed. I for one am ecstatic that he isn’t prancing away from his opponents but taking the matches more seriously. I love that we are getting to see why he is here and that he isn’t just some party floosy but a dangerous man that is more than a feeder wrestler to make other wrestlers look good. This was another decent match that show cased the talent. It was short, but it didn’t need to be longer. We are going on a journey of self-discovery with Adam Rose. One where, hopefully, he ditches the rest of the exotic express and realizes he no longer needs to have them and he is better off without them mooching off of him and riding his furry coat tails into 15 minute stardom.


Dean Ambrose vs Rusev

United States Title Match

Winner: Dean Ambrose via disqualification

This match, made earlier in the evening as a punishment to Rusev for interfering in Ryback’s match and the beat down the Big Guy received afterwards, was a lot of fun. The United States Champion made his way down to the ring with his typical pomp and circumstance, his opponent unknown. Which was perfectly fine because, surprise! Surprise! Surprise! The Lunatic Fringe burst forth from the locker room, much to the explosive delight of the WWE Universe.  Dean Ambrose, who held the United States title for 351 days, climbed into the ring like a man possessed.

Since being beaten by Sheamus in a Battle Royal months back, Ambrose hasn’t given much thought to his title (yes I called it his title because he’s always going to be the rightful US Champ to me). This was the first time we saw the gleam in his eye as he gazed upon the gold once more. In an intense match that kept the champion reeling, the unorthodox style and Ambrose’s uncanny ability to take a beating brought the Unstable one close to reclaiming the championship. But he would be denied as Bray Wyatt ambushed him, forcing the Disqualification, earning the win for Dean Ambrose. Of course a title cannot change hands via DQ so Rusev retained the United States Championship. Lana and Rusev then made themselves scarce as it appeared that Wyatt would deliver a brutal beat down to Ambrose.

Dean’s resilience was unmatched as he turned the tables on his attacker. Steel chairs rained down and the Eater of Worlds was forced to retreat. Even though I have no idea where this rivalry is going, it has become fun for me to watch. Perhaps brutality for brutality’s sake can be entertaining. (I know, this from a chica who watches pro wrestling. I LIKE PLOTS AND STORYS DAMMIT! Quit judging me…) And Dean and Bray are doing the best they can with it. What was at first a disappointing rivalry is quickly becoming a must see on WWE programing. While I’d have loved to see Dean with the US title again, the end to this match was satisfying. The match was solid as well. Both men looked and preformed amazing, and had great chemistry. I would definitely not say no to seeing Rusev and Dean Ambrose lock horns in the ring again.


The Miz vs Jimmy Uso

Winner: Jimmy Uso via pinfall

In another chapter in this drama filled saga, Jimmy Uso, did his best to deliver more punishment to the Miz for attempting to help Naomi. Jimmy owned control of the match for the majority of it. Even to the point of Miz trying to reason with the irrational Uso, as he extended the hand of friendship. Jimmy didn’t want any of it as he delivered two super kicks and a splash from the top rope to knock off the Miz. The crowd was firmly behind Mizdow during the entire match as he diligently preformed his duties as the A Lister’s stunt double This was another decent match given to us by the superstars involved. It was fast paced and flowed beautifully.

I just wish people would realize that the Miz is selflessly trying to help Naomi. It’s a different side to Miz. People just need to accept that Miz is trying to further her career the best way he knows how. And how nice of him to want to help Jimmy and Jey too. I don’t understand why people give Miz such a hard time. If he didn’t actually care, he wouldn’t bother. I still think, Jimmy needs to get over his pride and jealousy and accept the help that the Miz is offering. He is doing a disservice to his wife by filling her head with all the nonsense of Miz just trying to use her. The Miz is the tag team champion. He has the gold. Why would he need anything from Naomi?? Exactly, he doesn’t.


Roman Reigns & Dolph Ziggler vs Seth Rollins & The Big Show

Winner: Roman Reigns & Dolph Ziggler via pinfall

I knew this main event would be good (It had Seth Rollins in it, so it was a given), but it was much better than I had thought possible (Big Show was also in it, can you blame me?) Mr. Money in the Bank began the match for his team and he was opposite Dolph Ziggler.  Seth, as expected controlled the Show Off and talked smack to him the entire time. Even Big Show couldn’t bring this match down as he was in the ring with 3 men who are still hungry to show case their abilities. It was back and forth and had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. At points during the match I almost didn’t know who I was cheering for as I want to see Roman and Dolph do amazing, but in order to look amazing, Seth had to be in the ring.

(Which is terrible since I hate seeing Seth take a beating. Catch 22 man…) In the end, the Samoan superman delivered a spear to Rollins and picked up the win for the good guys. I loathed seeing Seth get pinned, but Reigns needed to reclaim the momentum he lost Monday night. Again, I reiterate, the Big Show is not the opponent to make Roman into a top contender. The powerhouse’s showing against Rollins was amazing. Their chemistry is off the charts and if they want Reigns to look good, they need to put him in the ring with someone who will elevate him. It doesn’t have to be Seth, but someone that Roman’s style melds with and with whom he has magnetic chemistry in the ring. Now my fan girl heart would squee loudly with a Rollins vs Reigns rivalry. Just as much as it did with the Rollins vs Ambrose, and how it squees every time Rollins is in the ring with Dolph (there seems to be a common denominator here.)

So far, anyone in the ring with the Big Show has had the burden of making the match something bearable to watch with varying results. And now I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, because the WWE Universe, in its power of observation, began to chant Big Slow throughout the match.  Big Show is dead weight in the ring. Simple as that. If anything, Smackdown’s main event showed me that Roman, Dolph, and Seth are the future and have Big Show in the past. He needs to stay there and let the other three shine the way they are meant too. Over all the match was good. The entire evening was filled with decent and entertaining matches. But the main event delivered in spades (even if my boy was pinned. it was for a good cause. Isn’t Seth nice for letting Roman pin him? 


– Your Angelic Heel

By Bryan Kluger

Former husky model, real-life Comic Book Guy, genre-bending screenwriter, nude filmmaker, hairy podcaster, pro-wrestling idiot-savant, who has a penchant for solving Rubik's Cubes and rolling candy cigarettes on unreleased bootlegs of Frank Zappa records.

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