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The interwebs have been abuzz since casting was released on the main cast lineup for DC’s ‘Suicide Squad‘. As a giant DC fan with a deep love of their villains, I have to put my 2 cents in so buckle up, cause here I go! Warning – Spoilers if you’re not up on your DC comic book history!

David Ayer is directing the comic book adaptation and I have a few doubts. One of my doubts does not exactly rest with the writing, Ayer is pulling double-duty as writer and director. He’s got some decent films under his belt as both, among them are the latest Brad Pitt war epic ‘Fury‘, the so-so ‘End of Watch‘ with Jake Gyllenhaall and Michael Pena, and the eye-roll-worthy ‘Sabotage‘ starring decrepit action-man and  former Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is my problem, as a writer, he’s got ‘Training Day‘ and the first in the line of ‘The Fast and the Furious‘ films. Those were great films, but he didn’t direct them. My problem lies with Ayer as director of this dream-team comic book. DC films seem to have a stigma attached to them automatically that gives it a 50/50 chance for success, we need a dream team director to bring Ayer’s script to life. I’m just not convinced it’s him. Obviously, someone like Joss Whedon would be ideal as director, or someone that has grown up loving DC villains and has a history of reading the combined canon of work. So far, Ayer has stated he can’t wait to create the world these characters in which the characters will exist. I hope he’s worthy of these incredible characters.

Onto the characters!

rick flag


When I heard Tom Hardy was in talks for the SS (Not that SS!) film, automatically my mind was racing down the avenues of Bane’s time in the squad. I was excited! Then I see that it’s for the field commander Rick Flag. Seriously?! How are we supposed to just erase our collective conscious thoughts of Hardy as Bane? Do you not understand how screwed up this is to take one of the few successful DC actors and switch his role? Especially when the first embodiment was so recent and so successful? Ayer, you’re setting this one up for failure. This should be  comic book movie-making 101, but someone missed the master class I gave on the subject.




I’m thinking Max Martini would be an excellent fit for Flag. He was a strong, tough badass in ‘The Unit‘ and ‘Saving Private Ryan‘. I’m not saying Hardy won’t be great, I’m just saying he’s assigned to a DC character and good, bad or ugly, he needs to stay there. Opportunity missed.




Will Smith as Deadshot. Deadshot is a huge character in the DC world. He cozied up to Commissioner Gordon after accidentally killing his brother to save a truly hated father. While Batman and Robin are off on vaca, Gotham still needs protecting and Deadshot is happy to be of service, it even went so far that he had his own Deadshot signal that replaced the Bat signal, true story. After the Bat returned to find out he’d been replaced, he discovered that his successor was playing both sides of the line and was actually helping criminals while he diverted police attention elsewhere. Despite his appearances, Deadshot was a true baddie and ended up in prison, only to escape with the help of a laser-monocle from the Penguin. Will Smith has spent time as a Marvel character with Agent J from the ‘Men in Black‘ franchise and as the reckless vigilante ‘Hancock‘. While his double-teaming comic franchises is hardly new, Chris Evans, Natalie Portman, Halle Berry, even Michael Fassbender, Hugo Weaving and Ryan Reynolds are among that category, one character outweighs the other heavily and I hope for us, it’s Deadshot. I can’t live in a world where Hancock is more popular.




For my money, Guy Pearce would be a good fit and could really carve out a place for himself in the CB world. I’m optimistic about Smith’s involvement, though.




Margot Robbie is taking the mantle of super-crazed and the obsessively in love Harley Quinn. I really enjoyed ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, so it makes sense that I would like Robbie in another role. This character, though, is one of my absolute favorites from DC. It’s going to take a killer performance to convince me she can embody Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Quinn is usually attached to the phrase “the Joker’s girlfriend”, but she is a force to be reckoned with on her own. She’s also once of the few characters that have been introduced in a cartoon and later inked into comic book history. She has a fierce friendship with Poison Ivy but ultimately lands right back next the Joker. If Quinn were on her own in this film, I think Robbie would have more room to play Quinn with her own quirks, but if she’s part of the villainous couple with the Joker, she has to wow me even more.


PicMonkey Collage


For my ideal harlequin, I’d pick someone with the flexibility of Natalie Portman’s dance double circa the lesbian ‘Footloose‘ that was ‘Black Swan‘ and the wicked resting bitch face and cheshire-like grin of Anna Kendrick. I’m not sure Robbie’s got it in her, I hope I’m wrong.




Now if we’re talking about Jared Leto as the nefarious Joker, I’m kind of intrigued. Leto is a renaissance man that can blend his look into what he takes on seamlessly. I’ve never really been disappointed in any of his exploits as actor and when it comes to his voice, let’s just say it’s what angel’s wings must sound like.  He has beautiful angular features that can lend well to a more seductive vampirey-type of Joker. He can still be evil as all get out, but he can’t go the straight psycho route. Heath Ledger wrote the book on that Joker and Leto and Ayer better let it rest in peace. The Joker is so unpredictable that it makes sense that his demeanor would change each time we see him. Please make him your own, Leto. Take that crazy ball and go long with it. Run past Nicholson and Ledger into a whole new place for your Joker. However well you do is going to affect Robbie’s performance as Quinn.





My pick for the Joker is an unusual choice for sure. I picked the absolute best Joker cosplayer I’ve ever seen, Anthony Misiano. I truly believe this guy has the look and raw talent that could create a whole new Joker for us to love…and hate. Plus, someone that would go to the expense he has for a costume is deeply devoted to the baddie. No offense to Leto, but Misiano has the most killer signature grin. I’m going to have to see how this plays out before I pass judgment, but Leto’s got to go big or go home. Ledger left a huge impression on the CB world.




Cara Delevingne has been picked to play the dual personality character of Enchantress. Delevingne doesn’t have a ton of on-screen experience, but she is a model that’s sauntered the catwalk in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. She’s tall, thin and beautiful, but I’m not sold on her pulling off dual roles of blonde haired, blue eyed June Moon and raven haired, emerald eyed Enchantress.




I can’t land quite on who I would cast, but Eva Green could be an incredibly wicked choice, Morena Baccarin could also play nicely. Then again, Delevingne could blow me away as Enchantress, I’m hopeful. Whoever plays her, Enchantress is one of the members recruited to join Suicide Squad freely, her dual personalities continuously cause problems with her loyalty to the group. Her ability to contain a nuclear explosion makes her an invaluable member of the team.




Jai Courtney has been cast as Boomerang or Captain Boomerang if you’re sentimental to his turn as spokesman for his father’s toy company. George “Digger” Harkness is incredibly proficient with the aboriginal weapon and has even contoured his body into a boomerang using The Flash’s wind gusts, as he showcased the skill against his recurring foe. He wears an explosive bracelet that will detonate if he disobeys orders. At one point, Boomerang is captured and blackmails the group to procure his rescue by threatening to reveal the Suicide Squad. With a group comprised of such hardened criminals with no value for human life, being given up, or targeted for assassination is an every day fear.




This is a point where I agree with TV casting, I think Nick Tarabay who is playing the role for ‘Arrow‘ is perfect. He’s got the look, the ability and the part. Courtney is gorgeous, but no matter what part he plays, they’re all the same. If we’re talking about playing a super villain, he needs to be remarkable and stand out, somehow.

Don’t screw this up, guys. There are millions of fans hoping for this to be larger than life, bigger than big and the highest respect that can be given to our favorite characters. Please, do this squad justice.  Set for debut on August 5, 2016.


By Bryan Kluger

Former husky model, real-life Comic Book Guy, genre-bending screenwriter, nude filmmaker, hairy podcaster, pro-wrestling idiot-savant, who has a penchant for solving Rubik's Cubes and rolling candy cigarettes on unreleased bootlegs of Frank Zappa records.

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