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With Hell in a Cell eight days past, the WWE Universe finds itself in Buffalo, NY for RAW! The big questions left open from last week’s action packed episode hoping to get answers and anticipation for the Survivor Series PPV grows. What worked and what didn’t? Let’s dive on in as this hardcore chick grades the first RAW of November!

The show opens with Michael Cole and JBL with unexpected surprises? HOLY CRAP it’s VINCE!! The Boss, Mr. Ruthless Aggression himself, Vincent K. McMahon is back, gracing us with his presence.  (Yes, I mark for Vince. Yes, I have issues) he’s followed out to the ring by Stephanie and HHH. Once in the ring Vince plugs the WWE Network and informs the fans that for the month of November it is free to new subscribers, and of course, this includes the Survivor Series Pay-per-view in which we will see Team Authority vs Team Cena. To which the chairman takes this opportunity to add the stipulation, that if Team Authority loses, they will no longer be in power! His way of testing the new generation and making them appreciate the power they have by earning it. Stephanie looks a bit upset and Hunter appears calm and already planning on how to deal with this monkey wrench.  Vince seems mostly confident in them and invites them to “take a walk.” As they make their way down the ring, Dean Ambrose’s music plays and the Lunatic Fringe appears and makes his way down the ramp. Vince is clearly the only one happy to see the unstable one and greets him with a firm hand shake. They share words and part ways, Vince and the Authority up the ramp and Dean in the ring. Once in the back Vince gives Steph and Trips words of encouragement and then hops in his limo and heads back home. As he drives away, the Queen of the Authority and her King head back to the office to “figure this out.”

My Reaction:

As stated before I totally mark out for Vince. I’m a child of the Attitude era and with him not being on the show for almost a year, well absence did make the heart grow fonder. I’ve heard a lot of people express displeasure with the constant plugging of the network, but I’m surprisingly okay with it. It doesn’t bother me, and I giggle when $9.99 gets mentioned. People just seem to take things way to seriously. Now the stipulation on the Survivor Series match? Hell to the yes. The WWE needed to give us something to care about in this match. Sure it would have been a draw with out it, but the stipulation makes Team Authority vs Team Cena a must see. 

Dean Ambrose vs Cesaro

Winner: Dean Ambrose via pin fall

Technically, this is the third meeting of them in as many shows. No, that’s not me complaining, seeing as the first match wasn’t a match and more of Dean seeing how many times he could hit Cesaro over the head with a microphone. The second being from Smackdown’s Halloween themed Trick or Street Fight (such a fun match and a Lunatic Witch makes an appearance). This third encounter is finally a straight up one on one match, no special circumstances.  Cesaro was out for payback. He had been made to look a fool with the past two times in the ring with the Unstable one. Dean was more than willing to give the Swiss Superman a run for his money. Got to say I loved the grappling and the holds at the start of the match. This match was also very physical. Cesaro show cased his strength on more than one occasion, such as lifting Ambrose over the top rope and dropping him to the ground. Dean showcasing why you should never let him out of the ring because you might get your face slammed into the barricade repeatedly.  The match went back and forth, both competitors trading blows and trying to land that one move that would ensure victory. Enter Bray Wyatt. In his rocking chair. On the stage. His interest in Dean began at Hell in a Cell where he saved Seth Rollins from getting his head stomped into cinder blocks and allowed Seth to do what he does. (I bought in. I mentioned having issues right?) Ambrose didn’t let Bray’s presence distract him as he was able to gain a victory over the King of Swing after landing Dirty Deeds for the 1-2-3. Bray Wyatt continues with his mind games and vanishes from the stage leaving only his rocking chair and the WWE Universe wondering what does he know about Dean’s past?


My Reaction:

 Loved this match. Dean and Cesaro work so well together and have a great in ring chemistry. It was a very physical match, it was a very technical match. Cesaro did end up bloody (oops) but the ring side doctors took care of him and the kiddies were not subjected to any more blood than was necessary. When a “this is awesome” chant happens, you know it’s a good match. Bray Wyatt appearing was cute but I feel that the WWE is missing an opportunity with these two. We all know Bray and Dean are golden on the microphone, let them shine! Bray isn’t going to get into Dean’s head with the same tactics he’s used on other opponents. If anything, the antics of Monday night will only make Dean retaliate in a way that makes his title of Unstable more apt than I think Bray is even aware. Dean cared about Seth to an extent and we all see what he was willing to do to his former brother. Dean has never cared for Bray, and he’s said it to us before, he is not a nice guy.

HHH/Steph Segment

Stephanie and Trips talking out their plans on how to deal with the curve ball Mr. McMahon gave them. The Game insists that having Randy Orton on Team Authority will ensure them winning. Stephanie is not a happy camper.

My Reaction:

It wasn’t anything stellar, but cute on HHH for his faith in the Viper.

The Miz vs. Jimmy Uso

Winner: The Miz via pin fall

Twins and Stunt Doubles oh my!  The past two times Miz and Mizdow faced the Uso twins, Jimmy and Jey used twin hijinks to win the match. Through out the match Damien Sandow made it impossible for me to concentrate on the in ring work. Oh and now Jey is imitating too? Okay, we’ll go with it.  But in all seriousness, the actual match was entertaining as well. Miz and Jimmy worked well and the match flowed from on spot to the next. We had flying Uso’s and spot on stunt doubling. Due to the distraction of Mizdow getting super kicked in the face by Jey, The Miz was able to hit the Skull Crushing Finale and get the pin fall over Jimmy.


My Reaction:

Damian Sandow has found his calling as The Miz’s stunt double. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a very talented individual and I was a fan before his mimicry, but his work as Mizdow is the funniest thing on WWE television right now.  I wasn’t kidding when I said he made it difficult to watch the match. I kept watching him just to see what he’d do. The match between the Miz and Jimmy Is another continuation in this nifty little rivalry that’s being created. Who does doubles better? The Twins or the Hollywood A lister and his stunt double?

Sheamus vs Tyson Kidd

Winner: Tyson Kidd via count out

We start the match with an announcement that The Celtic Warrior will face Rusev for the US Championship immediately after Raw goes off the air. Cool beans, good thing I subscribe for $9.99. Tyson Kidd and Sheamus square off  and it looks one sided.  Every time Tyson starts to build momentum, the man the Sun forgot would knock him down again. The physical brawling style of Sheamus was a challenge for Nattie’s to overcome, but he gave it his all. However, Tyson was able to pick up the win via count out after using his wife as a shield to block Shaemus from entering the ring. The US Champ then gave Mr. Kidd a Brough Kick and went to prep for his match with Rusev.


My Reaction:

So over Nattie’s Husband. The match was a bit lack luster but I can’t tell if it was because it pains me to see Nattie not kicking ass in her own right and worrying over Tyson. The match had it’s ups it wasn’t horrible, but it was forgettable.

Dolph Ziggler vs Seth Rollins

IC Title Match

Winner: Seth Rollins via disqualification

Saweet, it’s the Show Off! And he’s gonna have a match. But against whom? Cue the Authority. Stephanie, HHH, Kane, and Seth Rollins accompanied by J & J Security join Dolph in the ring. Long story short, he’s offered a place on Team Authority under the leadership of Mr. Money in the Bank and declines emphatically. Dolph states he wants the Authority out of power. As a result of his refusal to sell out, HHH decides that The Show Off will defend his Intercontinental Championship against Seth Rollins! Oh the match between these too was everything I’d hoped it would be.  Seth and Dolph kept the pace quick and exciting.  It was even match for the most part, but Seth eventually began to dominate Dolph and hit a beautiful curb stomp. As Seth was gloating to the WWE Universe, Randy Orton, slithered into the ring and hit the future of the WWE with an RKO out of nowhere, costing him the IC Title.


My Reaction:

Woah competitive. I definitely wouldn’t say no if they put Seth  and Dolph in the ring together one on one again. I loved seeing Seth using the high flying moves that have been absent lately. And Ziggler has the most beautiful drop kick on the roster.  That danged Viper broke my heart and shattered my hopes though.  But hey, it was a brilliant move and we do so love our RKOs outta nowhere!

HHH/Stephanie/Randy Orton Segment

Such an unhappy Authority family. Stephanie is trying to convince Hunter why Randy is not what’s best for business and Randy comes in all angry and demands a match with Seth. Randy hints that he might fight for Team Cena if he is not given what he is demanding. Hunter has heard enough and grants Orton the match against Rollins but he makes sure that after the match is over, his little beef with Rollins is over.

My Reaction:

FAN GIRL SQUEE! Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins! Nuff Said. Okay so maybe not. This segment was put together well. Loved Randy being all aggressive and ready to do what ever he needs to do to go after who he thinks wronged him. But for me, HHH being stuck in the middle so to speak is what wins this for me. He looks ever like the father figure here. The chemistry of mentor and protégé a beautiful thing. He seems to be the only one who can calm Randy down and see reason for even the briefest of moments. It was kinda sweet.

Ryback vs Titus O’Neil

Winner: Ryback via pin fall

Ryback is back everybody and feeding on WWE superstars left and right. The match itself was power move after power move. When you get two men with the strength and size of Ryback and Titus you know you’re gonna get a heavy hitting match that makes you cringe with how hard these guys are slamming one another.  The Big Guy picked up the win shortly after the match began after delivering a Shell Shocked to the Gator.


My Reaction:

It was another forgettable match, but it didn’t drag on so that made me happy. It basically served as a way to give Ryback more momentum into what ever it is WWE has planned for him.

The Big Show interview

Big Show offers his services to Team Cena as he would love to see the Authority out of power. He then goes on to talk about what happened with Mark Henry. He is a very pissed off giant and feels betrayed by the World’s Strongest man and a part of him that misses his friend and another part that just wants to Knock Mark Henry out of his life.

My Reaction:

I want to be excited about this but I’m just not. I like the Big Show, and I love his passion. But I’m just not feeling it.

Big Show vs Mark Henry

Winner: Big Show via Disqualification

Two big men clash and it’s personal. As the bell rings they locked up and Big Show displayed his strength early on by manhandling Mark Henry. The world’s strongest man answered with his own displays of strength. The pace was slow but Big Show displayed agility that one wouldn’t expect from a man his size. However, the match ended in a DQ when Mark Henry used the steel steps as a weapon.  He then drapped his shirt over his fallen ex friend.


My Reaction:

It was lack luster, but I’ve never been a fan of Mark Henry’s work. Watching him in the ring is like watching paint dry. Big Show at least tries to change up his moves and try new things.

The Authority Segment:

Trips, Steph, and Kane are scouting talent for their team and they have been watching mark Henry. They say that his Ruthless Aggression would make him perfect for their team. Stephanie sends Kane to see where Henry stands.

My Reaction:

Bloody hell why???? There are better more talented guys on the roster.

Brie&Nikki Bella/ Renee Young Segment

Renee starts to interview Brie but is interrupted by her sister Nikki. The Number 1 continder to the Diva’s title  says she didn’t give Brie permission to do an interview and that Brie can only do what Nikki tells her to do. And she and her sister head to the ring. Holy crap is that Eric Rowan! Seems he has a bit of a crush on the blond interviewer. Kinda cute in a creepy way..

My Reaction:

When did personal assistant turn into slave? Just thought I’d ask that since apparently in the WWE the two are interchangeable. I really cringe when ever I see a Bella on camera. They almost make me want to turn to something else, I prolly never will, cuz I’m hopelessly enthralled with the WWE. And with little treasures like Sheep boy and Renee, I can see myself enduring more Bella nonsense before I ever turn off to another channel while Raw is on.

Nikki Bella vs Emma

Winner: Nikki via pin fall

(AJ Lee on Commentary)

Nikki had a strong match against Emma. Nikki showed how dominating she is in the ring and presumably put her opponent out in quick fashion as a statement to the Diva’s Champ sitting at the commentators table.  After the match Nikki made Brie slap AJ. AJ Knocked Brie down and Chased Nikki out of the ring.


My Reaction:

Okay I’ll admit the match was not bad. I do like watching the women wrestle. And Nikki did look good. I am still just wondering when did personal assistant mean slave?? It’s a bit on the stupid side. Just sayin.

Rusev vs Zack Ryder

Winner: Rusev via submission

It’s speculated that this match was made as punishment for throwing his support to Team Cena. Zack was dominated and had no real chance against the Bulgarian Brute.  He had a short moment of momentum but thanks to a big kick, Rusev was able to lock in the Accolade and Ryder tapped. After the match Lana joined Rusev in the ring. Rusev promised that he would annihilate the Celtic Warrior and bring the US Championship home to Russia. Sheamus, was none to please with this, came out, and and informed Rusev he would be in the fight of his life.


My Reaction:

Poor Zack Ryder. I’m beginning to think he can’t catch a break. But at least this match was more than 30 seconds long and heck, he did have a moment offense. But if you blink you’ll miss it. The exchange of words left a bit to be desired but it did set up the match for the championship on the WWE Network immediately following Raw.

Stephanie/Lana & Rusev Segment

Stephanie approaches Lana and Rusev and offers them a place on Team Authority. Lana lets the Billion Dollar Princess that they will get back to her.

My Reaction:

It was short, sweet, and to the point. Got the point across that the Authority are looking for the strongest guys to be on their team.

Stardust vs Fernando

Winner: Fernando via pin fall.

(The Miz and Mizdow on commentary)

Stardust and Fernando have a decent match, both with offense show casing their in ring skills. It begins to break down when Fernando is sent to the outside near the announce tables. Stardust is none to happy seeing the Miz and Mizdow at ring side and takes it out on JBL’s hat. Things at ring side break down as Goldust takes out Diego and then gets into a heated verbal exchange with the Hollywood A lister and his stunt double. This pulls Stardusts attention from the task at hand and Fernando hits him with a Backstabber for the pin fall.


My Reaction:

I enjoyed this match and Miz on commentary was like a cherry on top. I was entertained so mission accomplished!

Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton

Winner: Seth Rollins via pin fall

The Authority had one goal, take care of internal issues so they could be a stronger team at Survivor Series. Triple H and Stephanie were ringside as were all the other members of their corporate family. The Viper however, had the goal of teaching Seth Rollins a lesson. This match was a beat down as Randy dominated Mr. Money in the Bank early on. Seth could not match his strength and had to resort to other tactics to try and gain the upper hand. Seth was able to pull off some great offense after he smashed Orton’s face into the turn buckle, but the Apex Predator had Rollins well scouted. Seth’s offense never lasted long and was met with brutal punishment for his troubles.  Things begin to get chaotic as Randy clears the announce table foreshadowing the dark thoughts that he has in mind for Seth. The action returns back to the ring thanks to Seth. But he is still unable to mount any sort of real offense as Randy counters and takes control once more.  A super-plex off the top rope delivered by Randy to Seth gave us a glimpse into just how far Randy would go to make the other man pay. As the Viper went for his vintage second rope DDT, Rollins countered and sent Randy over the top rope and finally Seth was able to mount some credible offense.  It didn’t last long as Randy countered the curb stomp with a powerslam laying out the future of the WWE. But Seth Rollins had a counter of his own, as Randy went to strike with the RKO, Mr. Money in the Bank showed exactly why you can never count him out and reversed the move into a backslide out of nowhere and pinned Randy Orton.

The evening was not over yet as Randy still needed to make nice with his Authority family and that meant shaking hands with his comrades. All went well at first and handshakes were given to J & J Security and to Kane. When the Viper got to Seth, there WAS a hand shake and words exchanged, but then there was an RKO to Mr. Money in the Bank and things disintegrated into chaos as Randy took out his Authority brethren. HHH got involved and looked to have calmed Randy down. However Randy ended up striking the boss and laying him flat on the mat. This caused all the other members of the authority to rush the ring to try and take the Viper out.  Orton was able to fight them all off and made a bee line to Seth Rollins who was still recovering near the announce table. It looked as if it was going to end badly for Rollins but it was Kane and noble to the rescue once again allowing Seth to deliver a curb stomp to Randy on the announce table. Stephanie demanded for them to finish Orton, and though it pained HHH to give the order, he sealed Randy’s fate and another curb stomp was delivered to Randy Orton by Seth Rollins onto the steel stairs, putting the Viper down.


My Reaction:

Where to even begin? This match was incredible. It had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. It was exciting and pulled you in. You wanted to see these two men tear into each other and blow off steam as it was put in commentary. The beating Rollins took was brutal and there were some excellent high points and explosive moves that left the fans wondering where the hell did that come from? But as Seth once said, the future will take care of itself. This win and the actions after the match cements Rollins as the guy to beat. Ladies and Gents, the Future is now and it is Seth Rollins!


So what is my over all opinion of Raw this week? I loved it. It was very in ring wrestling heavy and I am always a fan of that. All the matches were decent even if some were forgettable. The high light for me was seeing Seth Rollins in two matches with two equally talented opponents. Each match had me on the edge of my seat (and no not just saying that because I sold out, get it right, I Bought in.) The night began with a surprise visit from the Chairman of the WWE, and it continued to give us action through out the night. This installment of Raw was very entertaining and left me wanting more.

– Angi Sanders

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