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Any project that combines Tom Hardy, Steven Knight and Ridley Scott is going to be wildly successful and any network should count themselves lucky to have this series in their entertainment stable. FX is the lucky recipient of the newest period drama series from the trio. ‘Taboo‘ will be set in 1813, a 100 year difference from the setting for ‘Peaky Blinders‘. The pair of series have more in common than being allegiant to their setting, BBC will produce both, Tom Hardy is cast in both and Steven Knight created the pair.


Taboo‘  was created from an original story by Hardy and his father, Chips Hardy. The plan is to begin filming in late 2015 with a debut somewhere in 2016. The series centers on James Deziah Delaney (Hardy), a rogue adventurer who returns from Africa with more than a handful of diamonds and a burning vengeance created by the death of his father. When the East India Company seek to buy his business, he vows to build his own trade and shipping empire creating a dangerous game.

“We are privileged to have landed Taboo and to work with this exceptional team led by Ridley, Tom and Steven,” said FX’s Eric Schrier. “Tom’s passion for this project, from conceiving the original idea with his father to portraying James Delaney, promises to infuse this epic story with great personal passion and credibility.”



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