Hey guys, a crazy-excited Jana here,



I’ve circled the dates on every calendar in the house, checked the lineup for new additions every day (sometimes 2-3 x a day), and have considered costuming options. The event in question is the Tulsa leg of the WizardWorld Comic Con taking place this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, November 7-9.




The event brings we, the common masses, up close and personal with our favorite characters, or rather the actors that play our favorite characters. There is someone for almost everyone that will be attending. For the Trekkies, the original Captain, William Shatner, for fans of the walkers we’ll see the great Norman Reedus, Scott Wilson and Jon Bernthal. For those of us that are die-hard Boondock Saints fans, Norman Reedus isn’t the only highlight, Sean Patrick Flannery and David Della Rocco are planned, as well! Potterfans will be able to see Tom Felton in the flesh, there will be a few guests that would fit into a blast from the past category, Corey Feldman, Ralph Macchio, and Ernie Hudson. For the superhero lovers prepare to see stars (literally) with Alan Ritchson, Lou Ferrigno and Dean Cain.




Among the on-screen stars there will be numerous writers and illustrators that keep our comic-book-loving-world turning including Tom Cook and ‘The Simpson’s Phil Ortiz. That sounds like a full event already, right? I haven’t even touched on the panels and legions of cosplayers that make for epic people-watching. I’ll be rolling in for the festivities, follow me on Twitter,  Instagram and my Facebook  page for updates. This will most definitely be a weekend for the books! 2 Days, 1 Hour and 30 Minutes to go!


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