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McFarland USA‘ is Disney’s newest offering to the category of sports biopic.Kevin Costner and Maria Bello lead the film, which is inspired by the 1987 true story of high school runners from McFarland, California. The students give their all to build a cross-country team under the direction of Coach Jim White, a newcomer to the mostly Latino high school. As every championship story shows, the kids end up bonding with the new coach, building up their team and creating a legacy.

‘McFarland USA‘¬†hits theaters on February 20, 2015. When the film drops, it joins a date that is already populated by a few other releases, the hotly anticipated but adult-themed fare ‘Hot Tub Time Machine 2‘, Idris Elba and Sean Penn’s PTSD film ‘The Gunman‘, and Natalie Portman and Ewan McGregor’s pioneer offering ‘Jane Got a Gun‘.


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Roland Tembo:
Peter, if you want me to run your little camping trip, there are two conditions: first, I'm in charge, and when I'm not around, Dieter is. All you have to do is sign the checks, tell us we're doing a good job, and open your case of scotch when we have a good day. Second condition: my fee? You can keep it. All I want in return for my services is the right to hunt one of the tyrannosaurs. A male, a buck only. How and when is my business. Now if you don't like either of those conditions, you're on your own. So go ahead, set up base camp right here, or in a swamp, or in the middle of a Rex nest for all I care. But I've been on too many safaris with rich dentists to listen to any more suicidal ideas, OK?
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