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Who hasn’t heard the age-old story of a couple of buddies heading out into the woods, evil woods, fumbling around looking for a cabin. Instead of a relaxing break from the mundane, they discover the ‘Necronomicon‘, or basically the ‘Book of the Dead‘. It’s not just a book in a dead language, there’s a taped translation of the text! How lucky could they be, right?! Instead of staying away from the creepy vibes that have to be emanating from this unholy tome, they do what a handful of morons would do and play the thing! Of course, this releases an evil so heinous that one by one the moronic teens are possessed until it’s down to one to defeat the evil dead and survive the night.








For those of you that knew instantly what movie I was describing, you deserve a prize! No boob pics but go buy yourself a candy bar and pretend it’s from me. For the rest of you, in the dark, we’re talking about ‘The Evil Dead‘. Sam Raimi’s cult classic that has no middle ground fans. Either you love it, or you hate it. Kind of like me. There is of course more than one film encompassing the characters and world of Raimi’s mental concoction, and if you’re lucky enough to be in Syracuse, NY on October 24th, you can take part in one hell of a film festival!

The Evil Dead 35mm Film Festival‘ is going to show every film in the series on 35mm, God’s film, the way movies were intended to be viewed. You know with a line-up this awesome ‘Groovy’ is going to be e-v-e-r-ywhere. If you’re interested in getting your marathon festival on, head to The Palace Theater in Syracuse, NY on October 24th at around 6:00pm. In addition to the awesome films that will be shown, you can get entertained with some live music, beer, wine and, if you’re an absolute uber-fan, you can bid on a brick from the cabin that was showcased in the 1981 original.

The tix are going to be collectibles as this isn’t an every year occurrence, but they’re priced at a very affordable $16.50 for online sales and $20 at the door. Follow this link to the purchase page for ticket info.




The doors creak open at 6pm with some live music and drinks to get everyone loosened up around 6:30. The schedule of films will be shown as follows:

Evil Dead‘ (re-make) at 7pm

Followed by ‘Dead By Dawn‘ at 8:30pm

There will be a little intermission where the brick from the original Evil Dead Cabin will be auctioned around 9:55pm

From there we’re back into the films

Army of Darkness‘ at 10pm

Then the ‘Grindhouse 42nd Street Trailer reel Experience at 11:30pm

The night goes out with a bang with the original ‘Evil Dead’ beginning at midnight (Like there’s any OTHER time that makes sense?)

Remember, every film is going to be shown on 35mm, so prepare for a throwback experience into the great days of film.






In addition to the doors opening at 6 that evening, there will be a lobby full of vendors that should be able to net you any kind of ‘Evil Dead‘ merch you just can’t live without. Don’t worry, if you don’t feel like buying right away, the beer and wine ought to lube that wallet right out of your hand. The live music offering is from ‘One Last ¬†Shot‘ throughout the night.

Two weeks after ‘The Evil Dead‘ 35mm Film Fest, the very same Palace Theater will host the Icons of Horror doubleheader of ‘They Live and the 30th anniversary screening of ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street, both on 35mm film prints. Check the link here for tix for the doubleheader.


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