David Bowie Produces New Album!!!

by Red Zeppelbon on Sep 9th, 2014

Hey guys, Jana here,



David Bowie is a name that brings an instant image to mind. He’s had about a thousand of them and he continues to change his look, his style and his sound. Most men at 67 would be taking it easy, but Bowie is working on new material and prepping for a new album that will add a few new songs peppered with hits that span the length of his astonishing career.┬áThe new songs ‘Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)‘ and ‘Tis a Pity She’s a Whore‘ mark the ending of a decade-long period of silence from the androgynous artist.



It’s been 50 years since Bowie first stepped behind a mic to rock us in what would be an earth-shattering glam-rock movement. As any artist with as many hits as Bowie does, a best of compilation is expected. Instead of just a simple list of songs thrown together, the showman will bring us a sweeping retrospective called ‘Nothing Has Changed‘. It features a brand new single in ‘Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)‘ that was recorded specifically for this ex post facto with his longtime collaborator Tony Visconti.

The compilation is hitting shelves and digital-shelves November 18 through the Columbia/Legacy labels with the limited edition 10 coming out on November 28 just in time for Black Friday madness. ‘The 10‘ is going to be anchored by another new song ‘Tis a Pity She’s a Whore‘ on the B-side.

The cuts that made their way to ‘Nothing Has Changed‘ span from his early days in the 60’s with ‘Liza Jane‘ to James Murphy’s recent remix, but the record is full of the major moments that made Bowie, well, Bowie. We get the pleasure of a previously unreleased ‘Let Me Sleep Beside You‘ from the sessions for the unreleased album, ‘Toy‘. Plus the download-only ‘Your Turn to Drive‘, with the addition of a re-recording of 1971’s ‘Shadow Man‘ that was made in 2001.






Nothing Has Changed‘ is going to be available in just about any format you want…besides 8-track or cassette tape. But you can look for it in 3xcd, a 2xcd, double vinyl and a digital download. Bowie is many things in many circles, musician, singer-songwriter, actor…he can do it all. He can play just about instrument you can name and will always be the Goblin King Jareth from ‘The Labyrinth‘. Scary and sexy all at the same time. “I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave.” Lines like that are part of whole new awakening, and it’s wonderful.


Watch the video for “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” but remember another quote from ‘The Labyrinth‘: “Everything I’ve done, I’ve done for you. I move┬áthe stars for no one.” Seriously, what is there NOT to love when it comes to Bowie?!


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6 Responses to “David Bowie Produces New Album!!!”

  1. Ridley Says:

    Jana does know that David Bowie had an album of brand new material out last year, yes? The Stars (Are Out Tonight) was a single from that album.

    Just wanted to make sure the 14 tracks he released in 2013 hadn’t been lost in his “decade of silence.”

  2. Red Zeppelbon Says:

    I have been corrected. It’s his first album since he broke the decade of silence with 2013’s ‘The Next Day’which included the single ‘The Stars (Are Out Tonight)’. The unnecessary snarkiness about lost tracks was such a classy move. Damn, if only I could write on that level. Then again, I think I outgrew that in 6th grade. Hope the pimples clear up!

    Sweetly yours,


  3. mypenisisreallyreallyreallyreallybig Says:

    Maybe you should stop writing wrong articles

  4. Jana Says:

    Judging by your handle and the wording in your oh so clever retort, I might suggest you put the ruler away and take your hand out of your pants, (be sure to wash), and realize it’s never going to grow. By the way, girls are being kind when they say size doesn’t matter.

    Hugs and kisses,


  5. okmypenisisonlykindofbig Says:

    I will never take my hand out of my pants. Now tell me more about those hugs and kisses…

  6. Jana Says:

    Oh sweet 8 lb. 7 oz. Baby Jesus. I appreciate the name change.

    Unattainably yours,


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