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Epic Records and The Estate of Michael Jackson announced today that Michael Jackson has a new music video set for worldwide premiere on August 13. The single “A Place With No Name” is the newest single from the latest MJ album ‘XSCAPE‘. There will be a sneak peek of the video on a Michael Jackson themed episode of Fox’sSo You Think You Can Dance, then tune in to Twitter.com (@MichaelJackson) on August 13 for the live premiere. Unless you live in New York City or plan to visit, then you can view the video on the gigantic Sony screen in Times Square at the same time.





This method of release for one of MJ’s videos follows the same path as his career did. If there was groundbreaking technology, he was on the leading edge of new advances. This is the very first music video to launch through Twitter, even after his death, he is breaking new ground and setting the pace which will be followed by the music world as a whole.

In a slick move sure to build word of mouth and up the anticipation factor, there will be a short preview of the video during Fox’s ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ broadcast on the 13th, which is just Wednesday, people! So check out a new episode featuring different MJ songs, including some from the XSCAPE album, then log on to Twitter or pop into Times Square. Regardless of the means you use to watch, you’ll be a part of history in the making.





A Place With No Name” is a re-imagining of the 1972 classic “A Horse With No Name“. This version follows the storyline of a man whose car breaks down and is led by a mysterious woman to a utopian place where “no one is in fear” and “no people have pain”. It’s a collaboration with Elliott Straite done in 1998 at Record Plant Recording Studio.

For those of us that thought it only made sense that once MJ passed we wouldn’t have anymore new music from him, we were wrong. ‘XSCAPE‘ hit #1 in 52 countries when it was released in May. Think about that  – 52 countries – That’s one hell of an accomplishment for a posthumously released record! Upon release it hit the Billboard Top 200 at #2, the first single ‘Love Never Felt So Good‘ a duet with MJ and Justin Timberlake, it skyrocketed to the top of the charts domestically. With the recent singles from this album, Jackson became the first artist ever to have a Top Ten hit in six consecutive decades. ‘The King of Pop‘ continues to break records, and his Twitter video release is just another first for the man that re-defined success in the music industry.


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