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If people claim they haven’t seen Christopher Lloyd in anything lately, they haven’t been paying attention. With 7 separate titles to release in just 2014 alone, this man is a prime example of how it’s possible to age in Hollywood and keep acting. One of his roles this year is a small cameo appearance in ‘A Million Ways To Die In The West‘ where he reprises his most notable role as Doc Brown from the ‘Back To The Future‘ franchise.




Not content to rest on his laurels, he is drifting into a dramatic role for his newest announced film. ‘The Boat Builder‘ from writer-director Arnold Grossman about a former Merchant Marine captain bent on constructing a seaworthy vessel in his front yard.


10th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals


Another actress that made her bones in the comedy world, Jane Kaczmarek is joining the film to play his daughter, Katherine, who is against her dad’s idea. His support comes from Rick (Tekola Cornetet), a bright foster child who befriends Abner during his quest. Bruce Dern was originally attached to the project, once he departed the film, Lloyd was excited to be a part of the Indie feature.

This project marks the first film for Grossman, an author and former political strategist who produced political TV spots. “I am honored by this chance to work with Christopher Lloyd and the incomparable Jane Kaczmarek, and excited to introduce the magical young actor Tekola Cornetet.” said Grossman.

While we haven’t been given a release date, we will let you know more details as the production begins.




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