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If you’ve read much of what I’ve written before, I’ve led the band railing against movie remakes. Yeah, that’s me in the front with the baton and the megaphone. However, there are some films that it’s ok to remake. Doesn’t make it right, but it’s not one I’ll lose sleep over. The remake of ‘Point Break‘, ‘Roadhouse‘, ‘Ghost‘ and ‘Dirty Dancing‘ are all examples of films that do not need touched by anyone other than slight re-touching to make the colors more compatible with HD televisions. Basically anything Patrick Swayze was ever in should be kept sacred. I use ‘Swayze’ as a verb after all. No one ever gets their ass kicked, anymore – They get full on Swayzed. In short, don’t mess with the man’s films!!


Now on the topic of remakes. There is another set of films that I am not emotionally connected to. Goldie Hawn’sPrivate Benjamin‘ falls into this category. Oddly enough, the absolutely horrid ‘Breakin‘ and ‘Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo‘ movies are in the first category too. Crazy things we cherish from childhood, right?

If anyone could bring some life to the 1980’s soft porn/comedy, it’s Rebel Wilson. Early Goldie Hawn movies always resemble soft-core porn, no idea why, the music doesn’t help, that’s for sure! Wilson is taking on the role of Judy Benjamin, or la badass.  This was the original plot for Hawn’s Benjamin – When her husband dies in the wedding night Judy decides to join the army. What looks like a bad decision at first, turns out not so bad at all. That is, until her superior makes sexual advances. She is transferred to NATO headquarters in Europe and (re)meets the Frenchman Henri.There will be a few themes that are going to stay the same, one thing that will change though is that Mrs. Peacock (Eileen Brennan) is NOT going to be Captain Lewis. Brennan sadly died in 2013 from Bladder Cancer.

This new imagining will follow a redneck played by Wilson and a rich city girl who get more than they bargain for when they enlist in the Marines to escape their present situations. So it’s the marines instead of the army and it’s got the smack of ‘Stripes‘ (Bill Murray and Harold Ramis) more than the source film. Before Wilson puts on the BDU’s she will film ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ and has signed on to a supporting role in ‘Night at the Museum 3‘.

I totally owe my new love, and bid for an Olympic Sport – Horizontal Running to Wilson’s fantastic Fat Amy from the original ‘Pitch Perfect‘. Oh if you want to see something completely 80’s and embarrassing? Watch the first ‘Breakin‘, you know with Kelly, Ozone and Turbo played by Special K, Michael ‘Boogaloo Shrimp’ Chambers and Adolfo ‘Shabba-Doo’ Quinones? I love schlock like this! There is a fantastic cameo of Jean-Claude Van Damme and some of the cast of ‘Bloodsport‘ when they were on a break from filming. What did they do when they were on a break? They jumped in as extras to get their groove on in ‘Breakin’ of course!

And here is the bonus GIF of Jean-Claude Van Damme dancing for your enjoyment from the film ‘Breakin‘.


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