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Big news in the dinosaur world, but probably bigger in the music world is the announcement that John Williams‘ soundtrack to ‘Jurassic Park‘ is being released to vinyl in June of this year from Mondo. This release falls on June 11th, the 21st anniversary of the theatrical film release.


There are two different versions planned for release. 

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by John Williams
Artwork by JC Richard
2XLP Pressed on 180 Gram Black vinyl with randomly-inserted Dilophosaurus Vinyl

Version B, featuring all new artwork by Dan McCarthy, is limited to 1,000 copies and is pressed on 180 Gram Translucent Amber Vinyl. You know, Amber like where the dinosaur DNA came from in ‘Jurassic Park’? It’s even got the dino-blood sucking mosquito plastered on the wax. Pretty clever, right?

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Music by John Williams
Artwork by Dan McCarthy
2XLP Pressed on 180 Gram Translucent Amber
John Williams is the musical genius behind the most memorable scores to accompany some of the most famous films ever to grace celluloid. Films like ‘Star Wars’, ‘Superman’, ‘Indiana Jones’ and ‘Jaws’ among countless others have all become incredibly stuck in our collective brains since we saw the films. These Williams conducted masterpieces grace the phones of millions with ringtones that begin as a clever idea but begin to wear on the nerves, especially if you hear the ‘Superman’ theme 40 times in an hour because your spouse has it set for his hetero life-mate’s ring tone.
As a classically trained musician, I can appreciate and desperately love and admire Williams, but we also share a love for something other than amazing music – the Red Sox. That’s right, Williams grew up loving the Red Sox and Fenway Park. In fact, in April of 2012, he conducted the Boston Pops before a home game in a medley of some of his most beloved works, finalizing the performance with an original composition called ‘Fanfare for Fenway’. What could be better?
Oh, if you Google ‘Jurassic Park‘, on the right side of the results – if it hasn’t been changed, yet – the film is listed as ‘Jurassic Pork’. You can’t tell me someone isn’t having fun with that!
These will not be distributed to record stores so if you want a copy you have to snag one on Mondo’s site beginning on June 11th.


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