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Alcon Entertainment has put out the offer to Harrison Ford to reprise his role as Rick Deckard from ‘Blade Runner‘, the hit sci-fi film from 1982 by director Ridley Scott. Since Scott released ‘Prometheus‘, which was the prequel to the ‘Alien‘ franchise, and we all saw that it did well enough at the box office to warrant a few sequels, Hollywood wanted to revive his other sci-fi film ‘Blade Runner‘. Now that project is gaining much more steam.

The original screenwriters of ‘Blade Runner‘ are penning the new script that takes place several decades after the first film. The studio purchased the rights for ‘Blade Runner‘ back in 2011 from Bud Yorkin to make as many movies as they want. Alcon sent out a press release that stated they offered the role to Ford, which is highly unusual. Studios don’t usually send out press releases saying they offered roles to people.

Ford has stated in recent interviews that he would like to reprise his role in this, but would like to see a script first, which makes me laugh, given his recent string of movies he’s said yes to. If this project does come to fruition, I imagine everyone would have to wait on Ford to finish his ‘Star Wars‘ filming, which is okay, since they are making a sequel to ‘Prometheus‘ as well.  I for one would love to see a sequel to ‘Blade Runner’ this day and age, so I can have something different to watch than my 28 versions of the original film.

Your thoughts?

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