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So here is the fourth film of ‘The Transformers‘ franchise from Michael Bay, who has basically rebooted his own series. And yes, Steven Spielberg is still producing to make a few extra bucks. But don’t count on Shia LaBeouf running around screaming in this one. Instead, you’ll have Mark Wahlberg (who was in Bay’s ‘Pain and Gain‘) trying to save the day. Hopefully there is a scene of him rapping and dancing.  Nicola Peltz, Stanley Tucci, T.J. Miller and Ken Watanabe also star. You can expect a lot of explosions and chaos, but not much else. The film opens up June 27th.  Enjoy.


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[of releasing Calypso] It must be said as if speaking to a lover.
[Pirates grin and nudge each other]
Calypso! I release you from your human bonds!
[nothing happens] Is that it?
You didn't say it right!
[all the pirates stare at him]
You have to say it right...
[Ragetti leans into Calypso's ear]
[whispers, tenderly] Calypso...? I release you from your human bonds.
[Calypso is freed]
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