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If you didn’t get a chance to watch the season finale of ‘Walking Dead‘, iTunes has a treat for you! The famed content library is providing one free viewing of last night’s season finale along with the rest of the series.  iTunes head of streaming series’ Ellen Rodkin-Dell announced this morning, “We think it’s a great way to reward our loyal customers. Out streaming service is being used by 105.1 million Americans per day. We are always looking for innovative and new ways to reward customers and are looking into improving a referral program to further reward our faithful customers.”




Rodkin-Dell tells us the offer is only good until April 3, so log on now and be sure to use coupon code  8JALWIRHEP9K. I, for one, didn’t watch it last night and I think I’ll be taking advantage of this deal! I wonder if she could help me out with why my iTunes app keeps crashing my laptop. This is a pretty sweet deal for those of us without DVR!

In a great world, this would be legit. Happy April Fools Day!


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