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Over The Garden Wall

Cartoon Network has greenlit its first miniseries, ‘Over The Garden Wall‘, a 10-episode comedy-fantasy based on the short ‘Tome of the Unknown‘ from Cartoon Network’s shorts program and won the best animation short film at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival last month.



Elijah Wood (‘The Lord of the Rings‘) lends his voice to the mini-series again along with Melanie Lynskey (‘Sweet Home Alabama‘)  and Collin Dean (‘Hotel Transylvania‘). ‘Tome of the Unknown’ tells the story of two brothers, Wirt (Wood)  and Greg (Dean), find themselves lost in a mysterious place called the Unknown; a place where long-forgottenstories take shape around them as they search for a way home. Tired of walking, they decide to borrow a car from a romantic songster made of vegetables and head off to the big city. Aiding their journey are a wisened woodsman and a bluebird named Beatrice (Lynskey). ‘Over The Garden Wall‘ was created by Pat McHale, she also worked on Cartoon Net’s ‘Adventure Time‘.



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