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Adult Swim or as, is the flip-side of Cartoon Network, broadcast since 2001, much of the network’s general content is known for its risqué, unorthodox and often bizarre presentation. Pushing the envelope appears to be the network’s future. A new series has put to order will certainly raise debate and laughs, ‘Black Jesus‘.

The Boondocks‘ creator, Aaron McGruder is behind the series which has kept the title very hush hush, being listed in the May 2013 slate as only a ‘live-action pilot by McGruder’ with no premise or title announced. Now we know it will feature Jesus living in present-day Compton, CA on a daily mission to spread love and kindness throughout the neighborhood with the help of his small but loyal group of downtrodden followers. This comes straight after a Jesus race controversy that was sparked by Fox News star Megyn Kelly’s recent “Jesus is white” comments. In all truth, she also said Santa was white, too. So maybe someone has that storyline waiting in the wings for a holiday premiere.


Gerald 'Slink' Johnson

 Newcomer Gerald “Slink” Johnson, featured in ‘Grand Theft Auto V‘, will take the title role. Co-starring with Johnson are Charlie Murphy (‘Are We There Yet‘), Corey Holcomb (‘The Cleveland Show‘) and John Witherspoon (‘The Boondocks‘ and ‘Friday‘). McGruder will executive produce through his 5 Mutts Prods banner with Mike Clattenberg (‘Trailer Park Boys‘) serving as writer-director.

This is definitely going to be a topic of discussion around the office water-cooler, online and any other place where people get together and talk. Current events, especially when they’re controversial, are always hot topics and this will definitely fit that bill.


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