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Anne Fletcher is a woman of many talents, a choreographer, actress, producer and director. She directed ‘The Guilt Trip‘, ‘The Proposal‘ and ‘27 Dresses‘. Fletcher is in talks with MGM, writers David Feeney and John Quaintance to direct ‘Don’t Mess With Texas‘,  a female-driven comedy similar to 1988’s ‘Midnight Run‘. Reese Witherspoon (‘Legally Blonde’, ‘Walk The Line’) and Sofia Vergara (TV’s ‘Modern Family’, ‘Four Brothers’) are set to star.

Witherspoon will play a police officer and Vergara a prisoner forced to go on the run together. Both actresses have been eyeing this project for some time, but these deals are coming together quickly so the film can be shot during Vergara’s hiatus from the ABC hit ‘Modern Family‘ this spring. Universal originally wanted the project, but when it fell through MGM snatched it up. Witherspoon will serve as producer with Pacific Standard partner Bruna Papandrea, and Dana Fox.

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