WWE Announces WWE Network!!!

by Gumbercules9000 on Jan 8th, 2014

Hi, Bryan Here….


Vince McMahon has just announced that WWE will now have its own network. It is called WWE NETWORK. It will have a 24/7 streaming service and can be accessed by any device. There will be an on demand library of tons of matches and shows. This is the first 24/7 network to have constant programming.

The 24/7 streaming service will be constant live programming that showcases all things WWE. Included in this network are all 12 yearly pay-per-views, including Wrestlemania. There will be reality shows and live tv shows. Not to mention over 100,000 hours of archive matches and shows.

The price is $9.99 a month. Yes. Only $9.99 a month. That includes all pay-per-views.

This network will be available on all mobile devices and smart phones. It will also be available on xbox 360, ps3 and ps4, roku, and a ┬ádevice that can’t be named yet, but I’m guessing it’s the AppleTV. Smart TV’s will have this network in shortly in the future.

One of the reality shows is called Legend’s House and features a lot of older WWE superstars living under the same house getting into trouble.


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