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Naked Girls Reading Dallas takes the stage once again on January 31st at the Quixotic World Theater in Dallas as the Naked Girls present: “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID“. This show will focus on the literature and poetry by and about women. This show will include literature’s greatest contributors from Mary Shelley to Tina Fey and Maya Angelou and will even feature local female authors.

Naked Girls Reading’s Dallas cast features the producer, Black Mariah, and long time cast members Courtney Crave, Angi B. Lovely, and The Dirty Blonde. The ladies have brought you incredible shows like “Fairy Tales”, “Southern Drawl”, “Geek Girls Reading” and the most popular show to date, “Banned Books”. Naked Girls Reading is the brainchild of Chicago based burlesque entrepreneurs Michelle L’Amour and Franky Vivid. Naked Girls Reading has expanded to an international franchise and is featured in most major cities. Naked Girls Reading has been a unique entertainment source in Dallas since 2009 when it was introduced by local burlesque icons Diamond Jim and La Divina. Dallas has become one of the most popular franchises of Naked Girls Reading and continues to grow!

     Tickets are available from prekindle, $20 for a VIP seat with a signed poster from the event, and $15 for general admission seating.

Naked Girls Reading presents “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID”

January 31, 2014 Doors a 8PM show a 9PM

The Quixotic World Theater

2824 Main St. Dallas, TX 75226

Click Here For Tickets $15-20




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