December 2013 Movies To Look Out For!!

by Gumbercules9000 on Dec 13th, 2013

Hi, Bryan Here…


It’s December 2013, and the holiday season is in full swing. And you know what that means, right? The holiday movies are also being released left and right. And luckily you found this podcast, because we have all the info for you on what cool movies there are out there right now, and that are coming out through the end of the month. We discuss Martin Scorsese’s new film ‘Wolf of Wall-Street‘, ‘Anchorman 2‘, and the new Coen Bros. movie. Enjoy the episode.


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Sam Baldwin:
I certainly hope so.
Jonah Baldwin:
Will she scratch up your back?
Sam Baldwin:
[shocked] What?
Jonah Baldwin:
In the movies, women are always scratching up the men's back and screaming and stuff when they're having sex.
Sam Baldwin:
How do you know all this?
Jonah Baldwin:
Jed's got cable.
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