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We recently reported that director Joe Wright is developing just one of the many Peter Pan projects that are circulating in Hollywood at the moment. This is a movie over at Warner Bros., and is a high priority for the studio right now. So much so that the studio has offered the lead villain role to Javier Bardem. And since this is an Origin story, it won’t be Captain Hook.

Jason Fuchs is writing the script, which will follow an orphan who is taken to Neverland, where he becomes the hero and savior of the natives and has them form an army of sorts to defeat the evil pirates. Of course this orphan is Peter Pan. Bardem of course will lead the pirates, and his name will be Blackbeard.  If Bardem accepts the role, we can add this role to the list of fancy hairdos for the amazing actor.

It would be awesome if at the end of the film, Blackbeard lost his hand, and became Captain Hook. Thus a sequel. Could be cool.  Your thoughts?


By Bryan Kluger

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