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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is leading the new action film from MGM, called Seal Team 666. I have to admit, this book is on my list of must-reads. It’s going to get bumped up to the list of must-read before seeing the movie, now. Johnson has proven himself to be a bankable asset for just about any movie he’s taken on. He hit fans everywhere with a jab by co-starring  in the addicting Fast and Furious franchise. He intends to double that jab with Fast and Furious 7, then plans to hit us with a TKO with Hercules. After the dust settles from the 10 count, he will already be in operation mode for Seal Team 666.

Written by Weston Ochse, Seal Team 666 is the story of an elite group of Navy SEALs who battle demons and other supernatural threats that are determined to destroy the world. If you didn’t catch on from the title that this was about a SEAL team, you need to be repeatedly hit in the head with a tack hammer. Seriously, catch up peeps.

Johnson will exec produce with Danny Garcia and Brendan Deneen and Peter Joseph. Evan Spiliotopoulos wrote the screenplay for not only Hercules, but is taking on screenwriting task for Seal Team 666, as well. There is no director attached, as yet and no word of any other supporting cast. Look for Johnson’s Hercules directed by Brett Ratner to hit big screens on July 25, 2014.

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Special Agent Ernest Paxton:
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