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In what might be the greatest news of the week, the SYFY Network has just announced that it will start production on ‘Sharknado 2‘. This time, the sharks will attack the big big city of Manhattan and will premiere in 2014. Not only that, SYFY is holding a contest on Twitter to name the sequel, which you can tweet your submissions to @SyfyMovies using #Sharknado.

If you’re unfamiliar with ‘Sharknado‘, it’s an original made-for-tv movie that aired on the SYFY network last week about a literal tornado full of sharks that killed people on land, water, inside houses and buildings, and much more. While it aired, the film pretty much broke the internet, as tons of people, including celebrities were giving a live comedy commentary during the show. It was hilarious. Not only that, the film boosted very high ratings.

And it deserved those high ratings, because the film’s climactic scene involved one Ian Ziering being swallowed by shark, but luckily he had his chainsaw and he escaped certain death. I cannot wait for the sequel.

Now let us know what we should call the new ‘Sharknado‘ sequel.



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