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I laughed out loud when I received this information.  I think we have said all we need to say with these ‘Taken‘ movies. They always make decent money, but are never any really good. But that has never stopped Hollywood. So, in true fashion, we are getting a third ‘Taken‘ movie and Liam Neeson is finishing his contract negotiations to the tune of $20 million.

Neeson originally did not want to do the sequel, ‘Taken 2‘, but he was offered $15 million, so of course he did the film. Well, I guess an additional $5 million will seal this deal too and production will begin early next year for the third and hopefully final film. After Neeson gets his contract in order, then the studio will sign on Maggie Grace (his movie daughter) and Famke Janssen (his movie ex-wife), both of who were in the first two films.

Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen have been working on a script for the third one and we might see Besson’s protege Olivier Megaton (yes, that’s his name) return as director for this outing again. Part 2 cost around $45 million according to Deadline, and grossed over $376 million, whereas the first film cost around $25 million and grossed over $226 million. So there is money to be made.

I didn’t much like the first two films, but hopefully this time around we can see Neeson, who is now 61 years old, kick some ass in a rated R film, rather than a PG-13 film. Not looking forward to this other than to see Maggie Grace run funny again.


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