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This is the brand new trailer for ‘The Wolverine‘ starring Hugh Jackman. This trailer should be in front of most prints of ‘Fast and Furious 6‘ this weekend, so be sure to look out for that. The film will be in 3D and is directed by James Mangold (‘Copland‘, ‘3:10 To Yuma‘). This is also a prequel to the whole X-Men series and will focus a bit on Logan’s time in Japan, which is a fan favorite in the comics. In this trailer, we get a big look at that side of the story. The film opens July 26th and I hope it’s a bit better than the previous film.




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2 Responses to “Check Out the New Trailer for ‘The Wolverine’ with Hugh Jackman!!!”

  1. myka Says:

    I like Origins it was just uneven. I have a feeling this will be much better.

  2. Gumbercules9000 Says:

    This looks loads better than Origins. now they just need to make an Old man Logan movie.

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