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I was completely blow away by how awesome this trailer looks. I am completely 1 billion percent on board now with this film. ‘Cavill looks amazing as Kent and Supes and the quick shots we see of Krypton and the Fortress of Solitude look amazing an intriguing. Costner is going to be amazing in this by his quick line here and the action looks intense.

Yes, Zack Snyder has done some less than stellar quality films in the past, but this one.  This one looks to be his opus and might just win awards for more than special effects. I hope there is an homage to John Williams‘ score, but I didn’t hear it though. Hopefully Hans Zimmer will do a great job.  And Zod is gonna rule. And did I see LexCorp? I cannot wait to see this.  Enjoy the trailer below.


By Bryan Kluger

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