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Good Morning ‘Walking Dead‘ fanatics!!!! I know you were on the edge of your seat like I was last night so lets get to it.  The show starts out with a flashback scene between Michonne and Andrea the previous winter. The camera starts with the chain that is holding Michonne’s armless and toothless walkers. They are in the woods and around a camp fire, warming up food. Andrea is warming up the food while Michonne is checking out the perimeter.  They are chit chatting around the fire and Andrea brings up the fact that Michonne never told her where the walkers came from.


Michonne gives Andrea a knowing look and Andrea says she is sorry. Andrea asks if she wants to talk about it and Michonne says no. She does say “They deserved what they got. They weren’t human to begin with” The camera pans back to the chain holding the walkers and the scene flash forwards to a present day chain the Governor is working with. He is working on a holding device with two chains that looks exactly what was use to hold Fay Wray for Kong in the original King Kong. The Governor gets on his knees and holds both chains simultaneously and looks up.

Martinez, Tyreese, and a group of men are loading guns and ammo into a hummer. Milton walks up and asks if the Governor wants all this. Martinez says that he wants options and Milton inquires where the Governor is at now. Martinez says he does not know where The Governor is. Milton inquires how many are going out and Martinez tells him that everybody is. Andrea walks out and states that she thought there was a deal on the table. Milton says that he is sure that it is a precaution and show of force. Milton walks away frustrated.


Back in the room, The Governor is now bringing out all kinds of torture devices. He is meticulously laying them out in order. Milton stands in the doorway behind him and watches him. The Governor turns around and sees him. As Milton turns and begins to walk, The Governor calls his name. The Governor asks if he needs something and Milton asks what the room is for. The Governor it is his workshop and Milton asks how the “workshop” is to help Woodbury. Milton brings up how Woodbury is a new start and how they talked about beating the virus. Milton says that he understands the business with Michonne, but the people at the prison.. The Governor interrupts him and asks if he should move on. Milton says yes and The Governor says he will then this is all over. He then asks Milton if he still believed that they is still a spark of the walkers former life in them when they turn. Milton says yes and the Governor says that that was still his daughter. Milton says “Whether that was Penny or not, it’s done. It doesn’t matter” The Governor tells him that that is all that matters.

The camera cuts to Andrea and Milton walking and talking about how there was never any deal and how they are bargaining for Michonne. Andrea says that she has to stop it and Milton says that she can’t. They walk to an area above the “workshop” and see a chair with the handcuffs and all the devices laid out. Milton tells Andrea to leave and warn the people at the prison and Andrea wants to stay and kill The Governor. Milton informs her that she will never get close to him and Andrea says that they will never see him coming. The Governor walks in with more supplies and says out a hook and needle. He also puts a recording device in the chair. He begins to whistle while looking at the chair and then he decides to sit down and record his whistling on the device. Andrea pulls out her gun and aims it at The Governor through the metal shade of the air vent. Milton stops her and Andrea gets mad. The camera cuts back to Andreas room and she is asking Milton why he is protecting the Governor. Milton informs her that he knew him before the virus and that there is still part of the old Phillip in there. So Milton tells her that killing the Governor will not save her friends. The war will happen if the Governor is dead or not. Andrea then decides that she will go back to the prison and warn everyone. She wants Milton to go and he refuses since he will not fit in and he believes he belongs to Woodbury. Andrea tells him that if he chooses to stay, he can no longer look the other way. She then kisses him on the cheek and walks out of the room.


Andrea starts walking on the street and passes Martinez and the group of men. Martinez calls out and stops her and tells her to hand over her piece for the resistance. She fights him, but eventually gives up her piece. The Governor comes walking out and apologizes for not telling her about all this. He tells her that he wants her safe. She tells him that all she wants to do is help and he agrees by telling her that he wants her to go with him when he meets Rick. The Governor says that she can talk to Rick if he tries anything. The Governor walks away and Andrea continues walking. The camera cuts to Tyreese and Sasha on the wall doing some target practice. Sasha is giving him a hard time about needing some practice. Andrea runs up on them shooting a walker. She tells them that there are a large pack of walkers hitting another wall and Martinez wants them. Tyreese and Sasha ask questions and tell her that Martinez has to come and tell them himself to move. Andrea gives up on the lie and begins to climb the ladder to cross the wall. Sasha asks what she is doing Andrea tells her that she needs to get out of the city. Tyreese grabs her hand when she gets on top of the wall and Andrea pulls a knife out on them. Tyreese tells Andrea to relax and Andrea apologizes. She informs them about how the Governor is not who he seems to be and that he is planning terrible things. Andrea tells them that they should get out of there too. Tyreese tries to calm her down, but she is determined to leave. He lets her go and Andrea runs off out of Woodbury.

Tyreese and Sasha go and tell Martinez and the Governor about Andrea leaving. The Governor tells them that he is glad they told him about her leaving. Sasha questions the Governor about his comments on how Andrea is tired and unable to take care of herself. The Governor lies to them about Andrea being in the outside world alone all winter. The Governor says that they brought her in to help her, but she was too far gone. Tyreese says that he hopes his group is not affected by all of this. The Governor tells him no and sends his group with Martinez to do some stuff. The Governor leaves and heads to his truck. Milton walks with him and asks if Andrea has already left. Milton asks if the group is going after her and he tells Milton that he is. The Governor asks if Milton has a problem with that and he says to let her go. Milton tries to persuade him that Andrea just wants to be with her people. The Governor figures out that Milton knew about Andrea leaving and the deal.  Martinez gets the group together and Tyreese wants to know if they are getting the girl. Allen gets involved and tells Tyreese that she is trouble. Tyresse tells him about her saying crazy stuff. Allen does not want Tyreese to screw all of this up for them. Some issues between Tyreese group bubble up about how Allen was unable to save Donna and Tyresse was.  Martinez interrupts the conversation for them to leave.

Andrea is running and hears a truck on the road. She runs into the woods and comes across a group of walkers. She fights them off with her knife and keeps running through the woods.

Martinez and the group go to area where the walkers are kept. Sasha and Tyreese ask if this is about the meeting. Tyreese talks about how sick this is and that the prison has women and children. Martinez tells them ok and they can go tell The Governor and they will all be sent packing. Allen gets involved and confronts Tyreese about how he does not speak for them. Allen says that his boy will not be sent out into the wilderness and he will look out for them. Tyreese smarts off about Donna and Allen lunges at him. Tyreese holds him over the pit and Allen tells him to go ahead and drop him. Tyreese thinks about it and pulls him up.


Andrea is now walking through a field. She sees the truck and lies down in the grass. The truck sees her and chases her down as she is running through the field. She gets away into the woods as The Governor looks on from his truck. It is now nightfall and she walks onto a cluster of buildings. The Governor drives up behind her. The cat and mouse game now begins. Andrea cautiously walks into the dark building. This is when she hears the truck pull up. Next is him hunting her while he whistles. Andrea is encountering walkers throughout the building and is trying to be quiet. The Governor hears the noise and is trying to coax her into coming out by telling her that she belongs in Woodbury. She stays hidden and he decides to break out some windows with a shovel to spook her. Andrea ends up at a dead end with a door behind her. The Governor walks towards her and tell her that it’s time to go home. She opens the door and hides behind it while a group of walkers come towards him. She shuts the door and walks out of the building. She can hear him yelling and his gun going off.  The scene changes to a person pouring gasoline on the walker pit and trailer. That person then lights the entire location on fire.

Morning has come and Andrea walks up to the prison. She is relieved. She sees Rick on watch in the tower and raises her hand to wave at him. The Governor jumps out and grabs her. He puts his hand over her mouth and shushes her. Rick sees the quick movement and aims his rifle over there, but when he doesn’t see anything else he moves on. One of the men come back to the walker location and sees the carnage. Scene changes to The Governor driving back and being stopped on the road by Martinez.  The Governor tells him that he did not find Andrea and Martinez tells the Governor about the fire. Martinez says that it was Tyreese and his sister so the Governor orders the entire group to the visceral. He also tells Martinez to get more biters. The Governor walks into the room with Tyreese group. He apologizes about keeping them waiting and tells them that he did not find Andrea. The Governor informs them that the biters are used as a scare tactic only. When Tyreese asks why Martinez did not tell them that, The Governor tells them that they do not discuss tactics with people they do not know. Tyreese tells him that they want to stay and he will not shoot his mouth off again. The Governor then asks where they got the gasoline from and Tyreese is confused. The Governor tells him to forget it and walks out the room. He comes across Milton and tells him the same about Andrea. Milton says it’s a shame about the pits and hopes they found out who did it. The Governor says that he already knows who did it. The camera goes back to the Governors room and when the door opens you see Andrea gagged and handcuffed in the chair.

Where do I start on this episode? We all knew that when Milton talked with Hershel and realized that Ricks group is not bad, he would start to have a conscience. I am not shocked that he lit the pit on fire and I believe he will do more to stop the Governor. Tyreese and Sasha looks promising in either possibly squashing the battle or joining Ricks side and helping. I predict Allen is going to turn against all of them in some fashion. Now on to Governor, Andrea and all that mess. We all knew that he was capable of this, so him creating a torture room and stalking it with fun things is not a shock. I’m personally not shocked about him putting Andrea in the chair either. I am also no longer rooting for Andrea to survive this. I commented early on that her trying to be a hero would get her ass in trouble. She could have stayed at the prison when she went out there or left with Rick after the meeting. She has known for a while that The Governor was up to no good and her Messiah complex got her ass handcuffed and gagged in a chair. Do I think she will survive this? Yes I do. Am I happy about that? No I’m not. I also think she could have bite the Governors hand and screamed while on the ground in that scene. I figured that since she is such a badass, she could have at least given it her all to be saved. My prediction is that by the last episode of this season she will be free, but it’s still up in the air who will save her. I predict that Milton will have something to do with it.  I look forward to Sundays episode to see what happens next.



By Bryan Kluger

Former husky model, real-life Comic Book Guy, genre-bending screenwriter, nude filmmaker, hairy podcaster, pro-wrestling idiot-savant, who has a penchant for solving Rubik's Cubes and rolling candy cigarettes on unreleased bootlegs of Frank Zappa records.

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