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Hello “Walking Dead” fans. I hope you enjoyed last night’s episode as much as I did. There was only one story line with four characters in it, including a blast from the past!! So lets get to it!!!! If you haven’t seen this latest episode, you might want to read another article now.

Rick, Carl and Michonne are driving the Hyundai towards their old town to get more guns and ammo. They come upon a man with a knapsack hiking up the road. He is waving and yelling at them to pick him up, Michonne keeps driving. The man starts to run after them, but falls down after a few minutes. They come upon a wreck in the road with walkers walking around. You can see the dead half-eaten bodies still in the cars. Michonne tries to go around the wreck, but gets stuck in the mud. After a few minutes of spinning their tires, a group of walkers surround their vehicle. Rick tells them to cover their ears and he rolls down his window shoots one in the head.  The show does a time lapse and you see all three of them out of the car and the walkers dead around them. They are looking for supplies to get the car out of the mud.  Rick is talking to Carl about how they are going to get the car out and Carl tells him that it’s his fault. Carl asks why he asked her to come. Rick says that he didn’t want to leave her at the prison if he was not there. Rick says that they have common interest and the dame problems. He said that they can work on them together. Rick then stuffs the dress and twigs into the hole and they get unstuck. As they are driving away, the man is running upon them asking them to stop.

They drive into their old town. They get out and start walking towards the police station and see a green arrow. When they get to the station and the ammo, the area has been wiped out of everything. Michonne asked if there were any other police stations around and Rick tells her that he was the police and that it was not a big town.  Ricks looks around and thinks. He comes up with going to other places around like bars and liquor stores and getting their guns. He asks Michonne if she has a problem with that and she says no. They start walking towards those businesses and come across some graffiti on the brick walls. In a courtyard, they see a pile of burned walker bodies.  There are also green arrows on the sidewalk pointing to the main part of town. As they turn the corner, they see a makeshift wall. There are wooden “spikes” sticking out of everything from cars, shopping carts, tires and other materials.  There is barbed wire strung across the street to catch walkers. In the middle of this are cages of rats and birds to distract the walkers from anything or anyone around.


As they are walking through, Michonne says that it looks like someone has already made this place theirs. Rick says that it doesn’t mean that they have found what they are looking for. Rick says for them to find what they are looking for and get out of town. A walker comes up behind them and when Michonne goes to kill it, Rick them her to leave it alone since it will get caught up. At that moment, a bullet goes through the walkers head. The camera pans up to a man on the roof in body armor, pointing a gun at the three of them. He is yelling for them to put their weapons down. He gives them a countdown to drop their weapons and Rick is whispering for them to run. Michonne says that they need that riffle and that she can get up there. Rick says ok and fires at the gun. That set’s off a gunfight.  The man gets down to the street near Rick and when he is about to shoot him, Carl comes out and shoots the man in the chest.  Rick asks if he is ok and told him that he said for him to run to the car. Carl says that he had to stay and help. Rick checks him out and takes off his helmet. He realizes that the man is Morgan Jones. Morgan is from the first episode who saved Rick from the walkers in Ricks yard.

Rick, Carl and Michonne walk around some more. Rick tells Michonne to look around for booby traps and they prepare to enter into Morgans “hideout”. Rick explains to Michonne who Morgan is and what he did for Rick. Rick tells her about his son and wonders if the son is in the “hideout”. They get into the building but almost get into a trap under a welcome mat. They help Morgan into the building and when they come into his room, they see scribbling all over the wall and a room full of guns and ammo. They put Morgan on his cot and begin to load their bags with the supplies. Rick is looking around and reading what is on the walls. As Rick is going through some guns, he sees the walker talkie he gave Morgan. This stops Rick dead in his tracks and stuns him. He sees the phrase “Duane Turned” on the wall and tells Michonne and Carl that they are going to wait until he wakes up and see if he is ok. Michonne points out that Morgan tried to kill them and Rick says he told them go, not try to kill them. Michonne points out all the stuff around them and says she thinks he is crazy. Rick is still adamant about waiting for him to wake up. Carl walks over to a wall and sees a map of the town. The map shoes that Rick and Carl’s old neighborhood is gone. Rick asked if that is why he wanted to come, to see the old neighborhood and house. Carl says that he just wanted to come. Michonne is sitting down and eating Morgans food. Rick asks her if they are just going to eat his food and she says that the mat said welcome.

Carl spots a building on the map that says KCC. He turns around and says that he is going on a run. Rick asks where and he says to the baby place for a crib. He says that it’s just around the corner and Michonne says that he will need help carrying the box. Michonne will go with Carl and Rick will stay and wait for Morgan to wake up. Carl and Michonne walk out the builind and start heading down the street. Carl tells her that she does not have to come with him. Carl points out a walker to Michonne and when she heads towards it to kill it, Carl runs the oppose direction. Michonne turns around and chases him. She catches up with him and asks what is up with him. Carl says that he wants to do this on his own. She points out that he passed the baby place and Carl says that he wants to get Judith something else first.


Rick is still looking around Morgans stuff. He sits down and begins to talk to him. Rick tells him that he is sorry that happened to him. Morgan opens his eyes and starts moving towards a knife tapped to his cot. Morgan makes a noise and Rick turns around. Morgan then jumps up and attacks Rick. Rick starts yelling at him who he is. Morgan is babbling about people wearing dead peoples faces.  Rick is still trying to tell Morgan who he is and Morgan yells that he does not know who he is. Morgan then stabs Rick in the chest with his knife. Rick head butts him and then pulls his gun out and aims it at his head. Mogan begs for Rick to kill him.

Rick has tied up Morgan. Morgan is begging Rick to kill him. Rick tells him about how Morgan found him in his front yard. Rick reminds him of the walkie talkie. Morgan begins to come around and recognizes Rick. Morgan tells him about how her turned on the walkie talkies every morning at dawn for weeks and weeks and heard nothing. Morgan says Rick wasn’t there. Rick says that he was there and that he kept getting pushed farther out. He told Morgan how he found Lori and Carl and how he had to keep his group safe. Morgan asks about Lori and Carl. Morgan remembers about how Rick gave him a gun to kill his wife that had already turned. Morgan’s wife killed his son, Duane. Morgan says that he was selfish and weak for not killing his wife when he had the chance. Morgan asked if Carl was alive and Rick said no. Morgan says that Carl will die because the weak people have inherited the earth.

Michonne and Carl walk up to a restaurant.  They can see walkers inside of it. Michonne stops Carl from walking right in there. Michonne asks Carl if he thought that she was going to let him walk in there. Carl tells her that she needs to mind her own business. Michonne tells him that she is there to help him and he tells her that she is there because they all have a common interest. He tells her how important it is for him to go into the restaurant and she can’t stop him. She says fine and that he can’t stop her from helping him. They get one of the caged rats and roll the rat into the restaurant as a distraction.  The walkers inside the restaurant lunge towards the rat while Carl and Michonne go around the side wall of the restaurant. They make their way to the bar area. There is a walker behind the bar that almost gets Carl, but Michonne kills him. Carl takes down a picture from above the bar. Michonne and Carl start to head out until they see the rat escaped. They then have to fight themselves out of the restaurant. Carls drops the picture. When they get outside, Carl says that he has to go back and get the picture since it is the only one left. Michonne says that she does not know him but if he can stay there, she can go get the picture. A few minutes pass and she gets comes back out with the picture and a ugly multi-color cat. Carl says that he thought that Judith should know what Lori looks like. Michonne says she had to go back anyways for the cat.

Rick tells Morgan that he will not kill him and that he should come back with them. Rick tells Morgan about the prison. Morgan asks if that is where Lori died. Rick says that he can help Morgan and Morgan points out that he is taking a lot of guns. Morgan asked why he needs the guns. He tells Rick that he must have got something good since someone else wants it. Rick says that he will win and Morgan tells him that he will be torn apart with either teeth or bullets. Morgan refuses to leave and tells Rick to take the guns. Rick tells Morgan that he is not seeing things right. Rick says that this can’t be it and that he has to be able to come back from this. Morgan says thathis sign from God is that he has to clear. Rick takes the bags of guns and leaves.


Rick is walking out of the town and is watching Morgan clear out the walkers that walked into his trap.  Carl and Michonne come back with a playpen. Rick gives Michonne a bag of guns. Michonne asks if Morgan is ok and Rick says no. Carl then stops and apologizes to Morgan for shooting him. Morgan tells Carl to never be sorry. As they load up their stuff in the car, Rick and Carl talk about Michonne. Carl tells Rick that she might be one of them. Michonne is putting her stuff in the car and asks Rick if he sees something. She tells Rick that she knows that he sees things/people. She tells him that she use to talk to her dead boyfriend. He asks if she wants to drive since he sees things. As they drive away, they see Morgan putting more bodies on the burn pile. They continue out of town and pass the wreak they come up on before. After they go around the wreck, Rick sees a fresh body on the ground and then a knapsack. They stop, pick up the knapsack and drive on towards the prison.

Although this episode looks uneventful on the surface, there are some important elements to it. For one thing, you get to see more of the “outside world” away from the prison and Woodbury element. You get to see how other people are handling the zombie apocalypse. The willingness to survive the devastation is so apparent, especially in this episode. You also start to see Michonne start to come out of her shell. We now get to see that she is just another person in a bad situation. Her intentionally trying to get closer to Rick and Carl in this episode has shown her ‘human’ side. I cannot wait to see what happens when the three of them get back to the prison. Let me know what you think about this episode.



By Bryan Kluger

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