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The bearded guy who has been writing the books ‘The Song of Ice and Fire‘, George R.R. Martin, which the HBO series ‘Game of Thrones‘ has been based on will be on camera as a character in the upcoming third season. Martin has been heavily involved in the last two seasons of the hit show from behind the scenes and producer David Benioff said, “You will see him.”

They did not say what character he would play, although they said he had a cameo in the pilot episode, but it was cut due to most of the episode being re-filmed. Martin then said, “There’ll be a few people on the throne before it’s over.”  If anyone has read the books, we know and are excited of what’s to come. It was also said that there has not been a season 4 order yet, but I expect that by the first couple of days of April, it will be renewed.

Let’s all look out for the famous author and creator and let me know when you catch him on screen, which this third season starts march 31st only on HBO.



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