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Since Disney now has all the rights to George Lucas‘ work under Lucas pictures, which includes the epic ‘Star Wars‘ franchise, they are fast tracking tons of ‘Star Wars‘ projects for future releases.  We all know that J.J. Abrams will be directing Episode VII and actually has Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher returning to reprise their roles for the sequels.  Even better news, Disney is finally listening to the fans, something Lucas never did, and are finally releasing the original trilogy on blu-ray in their original and unaltered versions as they were seen over 30 years ago.

Disney said at a recent press conference that their studios have the original negatives and will be going back to clean them up with an all new 4k transfer, which will be supervised by Lucas and Abrams.  They will feature a lossless 7.1 audio track as well.  They didn’t go into much of the extras, but hinted at a possible teaser trailer for the upcoming new ‘Star Wars‘ film.  There will be two different blu-ray sets to choose from.  One will be a Jedi themed set, and one will be a Sith themed set.

Finally, we will get the glorious Ewok song in HD and Han will indeed shoot first.  This is amazing news, however it’s not true whatsoever.  Happy april Fool’s Day.


Click Here to see a picture of the box art.


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