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Hello Walking Dead fans!!! I don’t know about you, but I am super pumped that this season of The Walking Dead.  I cannot wait to see if The Governor fall this season or not. Let’s get to it.  The season finale left us with Merle and Darrell standing in the middle of a wrestling ring about to fight to the death. The Governor was standing with that sick smile on his face watching and Andrea was being held back to prevent her from busting in on it.  The show starts with the continuation of that scene. Andrea is pleading with the Governor to stop the fight because Daryl is her friend. The Governor says that it’s not up to me anymore, the people have spoken. The Governor tells Merle that it is brother against brother and to fight to the death. Merle states that his loyalty lies with the town and begins to beat on Daryl. Walkers are now brought out and when Merle had Daryl on the ground, he tells him to follow his lead and that he is going to get them out of the town. Rick and Maggie then appear and begin to shot out the lights and at people. Rick throws a gas bomb and Daryl and Merle get away. Andrea gets on her knee and sees the fall of the town while The Governor watches Merle and Daryl leave.

Rick, Maggie, Daryl and Merle are running and fighting their way out of the town. Rick does not want Merle to go but he proves viable to getting them out of the town. A piece of the wall is left open and a walker slowly open it up and walks inside the town. Glen and Michonne are waiting by the car as the group runs up. They are happy to see them, until they see Merle. Michonne and Glen pull weapons as Rick tries to calm them down. Merle, in his own way, tells them that Andrea is in Woodbury and that Michonne knows her. After some arguing, Rick hits Merle on the back of the head to knock him out.

Hershel is taking the stiches out of Ben’s leg and chit chatting with the group when Beth walks in with the baby. Sasha talks about how great the baby is and asks Beth how she is feeling. Beth tells her that she is not the mother and Sasha realizes the mother is dead. Tyresse talks about the history of their group and how they made it to the prison. He talks about how there were 25 people in their group until their camp got over run. Hershel talks about how Donna will have a proper burial. He also informs them that they have a close knit group and to not get too comfortable in the prison.

Rick and Daryl talk on the street about Merle. Only Daryl wants him to go back to the prison. They talk about how unpredictable Michonne and Merle are. Daryl decides that since no one wants Merle back then they will leave the group and go out alone. Rick asks if there is another way and Daryl says to not ask him to leave Merle. Rick reminds him of the war that is coming to get Daryl to reconsider, it does not work. Rick tells Michonne that they will patch her up but then she is gone.


Tyresse and his crew carry Donna out to be buried. Allen and Ben talk about taking out Carl and Carol and taking over the prison. Tyresse and Sasha disagree to kill Ricks’ group. When Axel and Beth bring out a shovel to the group, Tyresse jump in front and take it from them and thank them. Rick, Glen and Maggie come across a truck and down trees in the middle of the road. Glen finds a walker and takes out his aggression on him. He looks at Rick and says “You didn’t kill him.” Rick looks at him and says “That’s not why we went back.” Glen argues about how Daryl was the priority and now he’s gone. He is mad that he did not go back to help Rick and that Maggie had to. He is also mad at what was done to Maggie and there is now a wall between Glen and Maggie. Glen is also worried that they are gone and the issue with Woodbury is going they will be screwed. When Maggie suggests they go back and sleep on it and then talk, Glen says he is done talking.

Chaos has now erupted in Woodbury. Milton and Andrea are talking about how the Governor has locked himself up in his apartment and will not come out. Residents are trying to leave the town and are being held back by the guards at the wall. They are honking the horns in their cars and it is causing the walkers to come towards the wall. The guards begin to cause a riot and Andres steps in to calm down the townspeople and the guards. She informs the guards that they are making things worse and then they hear screaming. The walkers have broken into the town for the back wall and start attacking people. A man is lying on the ground dying and a townsperson asks Andrea to do something. It is then that you see the Governor come out of his apartment and shoot the guy in the head.

Carol and Carl are walking the perimeter of the prison. They talk about how quiet it is and about Daryl leaving. Carol tells Carl how proud his mom was of him. Carl says how mean he was to her and that is all he can think about now. Rick and the crew pull up to the prison.  Rick tells Carol that Daryl is alive and that he and Merle went off together. Carol is obviously upset about this. Carl asks about Oscar and Rick tells him that he is dead.

Andrea and The Governor go into his apartment. She asks what the hell he was doing. She tells him that he needs to talk to the townspeople. The Governor talks about how their easy their lives have been and how they need to man up since they are now at war. Andrea asks why Daryl was here. The Governor tells her that Merle brought Glen and Maggie here to find out if Daryl was alive. She is in shock and asked why her friends were being shot at. Philip tells her it is because of the damage they caused and the 7 people they killed. She is stunned that he would keep that from her while they were together. He called her a “visitor just pass through” and that he didn’t need to tell her. She got mad at him for pushing her away. Milton interrupts with the townspeople outside causing a ruckus.

Hershel is happy to see Maggie back safe and sound and tells Beth to take her inside. Hershel and Rick talk about Philip and the fight. Hershel tells Rick about Tyresses’ group. Rick goes and gets Carl from guard duty and see’s Beth and the baby. She comments on how the baby has Lori’s eyes. Rick holds her and looks at her. You can see the realization gather across his face that the baby is probably not his.


Andrea and Milton go outside to talk to the townspeople. Milton tells them that the walls are now secure and everything is OK. The townspeople want to see The Governor. Andrea gives a speech about how everyone has suffered and that everyone should find the strength to carry on and rebuild. They will preserver and be in the history books.

Beth is holding the baby and walking up the stairs to Carol. They talk about Sophia and when she was a baby. Beth talks about always wanting a child and how Daryl is how the baby made it. Beth does not understand why Daryl had to leave and Carol tells her that Merle can get into people’s heads and make them think that they deserve the abuse. Beth comments about how they are weak without Daryl. Carol says that Tyreese and his group seem capable and Daryl lives by his code and the world needs more men like that.  Hershel is patching up Glen when Maggie walks by and says nothing. Hershel talks to him about the growing wall between him and Maggie and thanks Glen for looking out for her. Hershel also told Glen that he would be upset if something worse had happened to him. Glen is like a son to him now.  Hershel goes and talks to Maggie to check up on her. He tells her that her and Glen seem to be holding something back. He asked what happened at Woodbury. He tells her that he knows she can take care of herself and has her mother’s stubbornness. Hershel tells Maggie not to disappear on him.

Hershel checks on Michonne for Rick. He says that she has a concussion and should be able to travel in a couple of days. Beth asks if the Governor will retaliate and Hershel says that they need some reinforcement. Rick goes and talks to Tyresse and his friends. Rick asks how they got here. Tyresse says they saw part of the wall down and that they lost Donna. He also told Rick that Carl brought them in and when Rick looks at Carl, Hershel says that he had no choice. Tyresse tells Rick that they can contribute with food and ammo and be no burden. Rick tells them no and Hershel says that they should think about it. Rick says that he cannot be responsible after what happened with Tomas and Oscar. Tyresse says that if he turns him out, Rick will be responsible. Hershel pulls Rick aside and tells him even though he has saved all of their lives and lead them this far that he is wrong and that he needs to take a chance on people. Rick then looks up and sees Lori standing on the second level. He asks her what she is doing her and then becomes agitated, pulls a gun and tells Tyresse to get out. Tyresse and his group run out of the prison.

This episode sets the stage for what I believe to be an amazing season. I predict Andrea climbing up in Woodbury with the Governor become even more reckless and possibly ending with a conflict with the both of them. Last season, Andrea was becoming whiny when she did not get her way. I hope that she becomes a stronger character.  I predict Rick, letting the pressure of everything get to him, will have a mental breakdown. I think that Rick being the only say so in the group is no longer needed, esp. since they have a semi-permanent camp at the prison. We shall see what happens between the dynamic of him and the group. Obviously, we will see Daryl and Merle again in upcoming episodes. I think that a lot of that brotherly love will be gone and they will have parted ways.

Comment below and let me know your predictions of this season and how you feel about this episode.



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