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Josh Holloway aka Sawyer from ‘LOST‘, has just been cast as the lead in new series for CBS titled ‘Intelligence‘. The series pilot is written by Michael Seitzman who wrote ‘North Country‘, which starred Charlize Theron. ‘Intelligence‘ will focus on the U.S. Cyber Command Agency and will center on a one guy that has a microchip implanted in his bran  that allows him to access the entire electromagnetic spectrum. (If only he had that in ‘LOST‘.)

This guy with this gift is named Gabriel Black and is a former Navy Seal and is now a highly respected intelligence officer. Holloway will play this man and the premise of the series is based on an unpublished book called ‘Dissident’ by John Dixon.  We hear that this series will be similar to ‘Person of Interest‘. I’ll say that the story has me intrigued enough, and with Holloway the star, I’ll definitely be tuning in.  Curious to see how it turns out.  I’ll be sure to let all of you know.

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