Did you See That ‘Under the Dome’ Promo??

by Gumbercules9000 on Feb 4th, 2013

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Last night’s Super Bowl was very interesting. It was a decent game, but the commercials were sub-par this year with the exception of maybe one or two, and the half-time show with Beyonce was one of the fucking worst things I’ve ever seen or heard. However, the movie trailers were kick-ass, so there’s that. However, one promo had me very giddy.  I’m of course talking about the creepy and interesting trailer for Stephen King’s novel ‘Under The Dome‘. Yes, they are making that into a series, and I can’t wait.

The series has a 13-episode order from Amblin Entertainment, which Spielberg is involved with and hasn’t even begun shooting yet, which is why the promo didn’t show too much, but definitely has my all excited about it.  If you go to the WEBSITE, it asks you to type in your address, which then locates your actual house and shows you a picture of it and then places a dome over it.  Very cool.

Enjoy the promo below.




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